Wednesday, April 1, 2015

How about some compensation for the 990,000+ Jews and their children who were killed or ethnically cleansed out of Arab states in 1948?

How about some compensation for the 990,000 + Jews and their children who were killed or ethnically cleansed out of Arab states in 1948?

 you haven't heard about the Jewish Nakba is because of 2 main reasons in my opinion.
1) 2.2 Billion Muslims who own all the oil, hate Jews, and lie so much it becomes their official history. Combine those numbers with all the other countries that also hate Jews and will bow for oil. In opposition to their lies, you basically only have 15 million Jews world wide and maybe a couple more non-Jewish supporters. Its a simple numbers game. The truth of 10-15 million easily gets drowned out by 2.2 billion plus….
2) Jews are pretty used to persecution unfortunately. And being busy trying to simply survive and find a home, it probably wasn't the most reported issue. Who would have reported it? Who would have cared anyways…Certainly no Arab or Muslim…and the Jews it happened to were probably just happy to be alive and safe in Israel, so they just moved on.
I don't know where to begin, after reading what natures1 had to say, wow talk about brainwashed!!
…… First of all thank you BNI for posting this information and spreading the word about the Jewish Nakba. Everything said is exactly right. However, I believe the actual number is actually slightly over 1 million. Regardless, its just as much if not more than the self-afflicted Arab Nakba. I have no idea why the issue was never pushed at least in response to the Palestinian claims.
The Jewish Nakba actually began well before Israel was established, and in fact had a large part in the creation of Israel and with the additional population it needed. Whets even more sad is that they murdered and expelled Arab Jews. Not Israeli or European, but Arabs, their brothers, who had 100's if not thousands of years of lineage and blood lines connected to Egypt. In fact, this goes all the way back to the times of Muhammed, when MECCA and Medina was originally a JEWISH farming village and he decided to murder them all in the middle of the night. What Muslims cant seem to remember about Jews is that they will forgive…but they don't forget….regardless how you spin the lies.
Now to natures1… I was going to go into a nice long rant, shredding you and not only telling you the facts, but citing them so you can research them yourself. something Muslims will NEVER do. and they won't do it because they and you…know you don't know the facts. In fact, you wouldn't even know where to look other than the local imam during one of his hate filled, murder praising, brain washing, speeches. But I don't have the time or the energy to educate another Muslim. There's so many of you, and you're all irrelevant and hopeless. You teach your children to hate before you teach them their own name. Your children carry weapons before they can walk. You use Mickey Mouse to teach children to hate for crying out loud. You cheat your children of love, on so many levels. You cheat the world of a positive contribution from 1/4 of its entire population.
How does one communicate/educate/reconcile/cooperate with people that love death more than the rest of the world loves life. I understand you are positive you think you know the truth, but I am sorry you don't. Live for yourself. Seek the truth, even if it isn't what you want to hear. Seek the truth yourself, don't go by what another man says. Seek the truth from non-Muslim sources. You don't have to tell anyone, do it for your own knowledge. Don't be just another blind sheep, drinking the Kool aid, and doing what you're told. And please don't respond with more BS. I have read the Koran, I know what it says. I've read the Torah, have you?

And I was wondering if you knew why the word Palestinian was never once mentioned by Muhammed or the Koran? or didn't you even know that…

During the 1950's and 1960's The Christian Arabs were 60% of the population, they controlled the government and Lebanon was the Riviera of the Middle East. In the late 1960's the Muslim radicals came in and over time killed many of the Christian Arabs and destroyed Lebanon. in 1983. An American Marine Barracks that was there to help the people was bombed and 241 Marines died, the Americans pulled out. After that Lebanon became a war zone and a free for all with various factions fighting for control and Lebanon became an unending war-zone. The Muslims took over and the terrorist organization Hezbollah supported by Iran took over.

YJ Draiman.

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