Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Today's society does not have the values and commitment to sustain a marriage - YJ Draiman

Today's society does not have the values and commitment to sustain a marriage with all its ups and down, good times and bad times. A marriage is something you have to work at it all tour married life.
Your life partner has to be your other half, without that half you have to feel a void and a vacancy in your life. As societies values and morals have deteriorated so has the longevity of a sustained marriage. Many marriages could have been saved and the children from those marriages would not have to withstand a broken home, which affects the Child's life.
Unless society stops deteriorating and starts improving its values and morals, honesty and integrity, divorce rates will rise and children from those marriages will suffer the consequences. Life is not all about money it is about relationships between human beings and the respect they give each other.
Some marriages must be terminated due to violence and other factors that cannot be overcome. I think many marriages could be saved and should be saved.

YJ Draiman.

Marriage is a beautifully complex union. As much as I love and adore my mate and partner in life, we still have our rough days. We argue, disagree, and bicker. Out fights are not threatening, but they do arouse harsh feelings towards each other. Help us to communicate our differences with gentleness and self-control. Show us how to live in understanding way with each other. I pray over our marriage and ask that the almighty bless the sustainability of our marriage.

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