Tuesday, June 30, 2015

We are tired of hearing anything from anyone associated with the U.N. The U.N. is a parasitic and criminal enterprise dominated by our mortal enemies

“We are tired of hearing anything from anyone associated with the U.N. The U.N. is a parasitic and criminal enterprise dominated by our mortal enemies. The U.N. cannot create states, it can only recommend and so can other nations only recommend and not create a state that never existed before in history.” Israel was reinstituted in its historical land and other Arab State were legally assigned their territory under International treaties and laws agreed to by the Allied powers after WW1 after the Ottoman Empire ceded its ownership to the Allied powers.

There is nothing to negotiate or talk about. Any Arab-Palestinian that does not want to live under Israel's government and obey the laws must transfer to Jordan or to the 75,000 sq, miles, the land the Arab countries confiscated from the million persecuted and expelled jewish families. Negotiations are over, there is nothing to negotiate, the Arabs who live in Israel must comply and adhere to the laws of Israel or leave the country permanently.

Judea and Samaria is Jewish territory - No annexation is required for Greater Israel territory..
Let me pose an interesting scenario. If you had a country and it was conquered by foreign powers over a period of time. After many years you have taken back you country and land in various defensive wars. Do you have to officially annex those territories. It was always your territory and by retaking control and possession of your territory it is again your original property and there is no need to annex it. The title to your property is valid today as it was many years before.
Annexation only applies when you are taking over territory that was never yours to begin with, just like some European countries annexed territories of other countries.

The failure to correctly argue against the false claim of ‘occupied’ has led to enormous damage being done to Israel. The word ‘occupied’ by itself tells a story that is very negative to Israel. It is a story that we have been trying to counter by the use of many words in long winded explanations, when and where the situation allows, and most people can’t be bothered to listen.
The Arabs understand the power of the word ‘occupied’ as witnessed by their immediate massive and unified response to the Australian Government’s announcement that they would not use the word ‘occupied’ because it was prejudicial when negotiations are ongoing.
I believe that it is not too late to succinctly argue the correct situation by using the word ‘liberated’ ie ‘liberated East Jerusalem’, and ‘liberated Territories’. These areas were not ‘occupied’ by Israel in 1967, Israel liberated them from Jordanian occupation. Jordan occupied these areas when it launched an unprovoked war against Israel on the day of its birth in 1948.
After more than four decades of propaganda stating the opposite, the correct version of the situation needs some explanation, and so a quick review of the history is in order.
On the 14 May 1948 with Britain’s Mandate over Palestine about to end at midnight, the Jews of Palestine declared that Israel would come into existence at one minute past midnight. Remember that Britain had been entrusted by the League of Nations to administer the Mandate which was for the purpose of “the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people”. The terms of the Mandate were never altered by the League of Nations nor by the United Nations after it assumed the responsibilities of the League of Nations. When Britain ended its administration of the Mandate and the Jews announced the subsequent formation of a Jewish State, the purpose of the Mandate was fulfilled.
Surrounding Palestine, were four Arab States with established borders. At dawn on 15 May, just hours after Israel came into existence, all the neighboring Arab States’ armies crossed their respective borders and launched unprovoked attacks on the new-born State. The Jordanian army crossed its border and occupied large parts of the newly created Israel including East Jerusalem. The fledgling Israel was not strong enough to expel the invaders and in 1949 armistice agreements were signed halting the ongoing fighting.
The expiry of the Mandate and the creation of Israel did not impact the borders of any neighbor, their borders did not change. When Jordan invaded Israel in an unprovoked attack at dawn on the 15th May, they captured and occupied territory that was not theirs. To whom did the territory belong? They belonged to the only State that existed beyond their borders at that time, Israel. Nearly a year after its unprovoked attack and invasion, an Armistice agreement with Jordan was reached. The cease fire lines were designated as the Armistice Demarcation Lines in the Armistice Agreement. “The basic purpose of the Armistice Demarcation Lines is to delineate the lines beyond which the armed forces of the respective Parties shall not move.” (Article IV(2) of the Agreement).
The territory Jordan conquered remained under Jordanian control until 1967 when it again launched an unprovoked attack on Israel. This time however Israel was not only strong enough to repel the attack but it was strong enough to expel the Jordanians from all the territory they had previously conquered and thus Israel was able to liberate all the previously occupied territories including East Jerusalem.
These territories that Israel liberated from Jordanian occupation in 1967 are what the Arab nations, and after four and a half decades of propaganda, the whole world, calls ‘occupied territories’. They are in fact liberated territories.
East Jerusalem was not ‘occupied’ by Israel in 1967 any more than Paris was ‘occupied’ by the French and the allies in the 2nd world war. Both Paris and Jerusalem were liberated from enemy occupation. Israel liberated East Jerusalem from Jordanian occupation in the same way the allies liberated Paris from German occupation. Israel was not in control of East Jerusalem prior to 1967 because Jordan launched an unprovoked attack on Israel (with the stated aim of wiping Israel off the map) and at that stage was stronger than Israel.
‘Liberated’ is another story in a word, and it is the story of what actually happened, not a lie.
When in 1967 Israel ejected the Jordanians from the territories they had occupied for 19 years, both it and its supporters failed to continually refer to the newly liberated territories as ‘liberated’. This has aided the Arabs in setting the narrative agenda.
I suggest therefore that where appropriate whenever the words East Jerusalem and ‘Territories’ are used, we should use the adjective ‘liberated’ to describe them. With the use of this one little word, hopefully we can retell the story of what happened as it really happened. We can help correct the lies and deceptions of the false narrative.
We are trying to correct the record more than four and a half decades late, after more than four and a half decades of propaganda, but perhaps if enough people use the word ‘liberate’ often enough it will somewhat neutralize the current narrative. It is only a little thing but let us hope it is not too little too late.

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