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Mandatory Law and terrible illiteracy of ALL Jewish lawyers in regards of legal rights for statehood

Mandatory Law and terrible illiteracy of ALL Jewish lawyers
in regards of legal rights for statehood

Yosef Yakov-Lev, CEO, New York Middle East Institute -

Our students keep teaching other people the victorious wise remedies developed by our Institute.  No doubt, wise victorious remedies must be based on true knowledge, not on oversimplified slogans. Unfortunately everybody keep screaming groundless slogans and refuse to learn ANYTHING about statehood law and about wise victorious remedies developed long time ago.  Therefore for over 40 years Israel is constantly suffering from horrible strategic losses.

Terribly illiterate Jewish lawyers set up Israel as a non-sovereign state, as an instance which is completely dependent from UN's opinion.  For example, even in Israeli Declaration of Independence, six times (!) they made the entire rights of Israel to exist dependent from the UN's opinion.  And it is only a beginning of a very long list of terrible betrayals of all Jewish officials and lawyers.  Not even one of them ever objected these killing Israel betrayals!

Their falsifications and perversions of Mandatory Law is in the middle of all the betrayals of Israel.  ALL Jewish lawyers love to talk about Mandate for Palestine, but they ALWAYS cheat you regarding Mandatory law or they are completely illiterate in the law.  So all Jewish lawyers and officials traitorously consider Jewish Mandate for Palestine  as not Jewish, but British.  As the direct result of such betrayal, nobody can use Jewish Mandate for Palestine for defending Israeli soldiers and generals in the courts, for defending Jerusalem, for defending the whole Israel.

All official Jewish leaders, all their lawyers and professors keep performing these killing Israel betrayals and keep oppressing the real specialists who can defend Israel (the people and the land) with complete certainty.  Just take a look at the website of Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs - they insist that Mandate for Palestine is NOT Jewish, but British.  Take a look at the website of Knesset - you will see the same terrible betrayal of Israel.  Take a look at the Jewish Agency «Sochnut» website, at Israeli Justice Ministry website, at all other official websites - they all perform this terrible killing Israel betrayal despite of over 10 years of our teachings via books, via radio and TV channels; despite of the classes I gave to many Knesset members personally.

Instead of learning, instead of defending Israel, instead of having scientific conversations, all these official traitors (leaders, lawyers, historians, etc) behave very malicious, as all ignoramuses usually do.  So it is very hard for my students to talk to these official ignoramuses and traitors.  This work is written specifically to help my students (and all honest people) to overcome mass-betrayals of these psycho-suicidal official traitors.

First of all you have to learn how to reveal all killing Israel disinformation that is propagated everywhere by Jewish traitors - professors and lawyers(*).

Second: If your interlocutor is an idiot who only has diplomas but no brain and now knowledge to learn Mandatory Law directly from British Law...  If he/she keep asking for specific Article number and can not understand that in most cases British Law doesn't have numbered articles because it is a Juris Praecedentiae (Precedent Law = Case law = Common Law)...

To explain at least something to such complete idiot you can use definitions from legal dictionaries.  Below you will see blueprints that I have made from the classical legal dictionaries.  And I also prepared complete summary from all legal dictionaries.  My summary includes terminology in five most needed languages - British English, American English, French, Spanish and, of course, Roman law Latin.

1) Mandate (En); Mandat (Fr); Mandato (Sp); Mandatum (Lat) - The Contract.

2) MandatoryMandataryMandatee (En); Mandataire (Fr) Mandatarius (Lat) - The Employed party (the employee).

3) Mandant (En,Fr), Mandator (En); Mandans (Lat) - The Employing party (the employer, the boss, the owner).

1) A contract is usually named by the type of the contract.  In this case it is clearly attributed as a mandate - «Mandate for Palestine» (En) and «Mandat pour la Palestine» (Fr).

2) The employED party ("His Britannic Majesty" and "His Britannic Majesty's Government" in this case) is usually named by its position - the Mandatory (Mandatary, Mandatee, Mandataire, Mandatarius).

3) The employING party (the Jews in this case) is usually named directly by its name.  So usually there is no reason to mark that this party is the Mandant (Mandator, Mandans).

If your interlocutor claims to be "PhD in History and in other related professional fields" - then he MUST know that.  If he/she doesn't have even that absolutely required base knowledge - then he/she is not a specialist, not a professional, but fake bureaucratic PhD, another illiterate functionary who keep usurping (or even stealing) people's money.  To perform that kind of crime they always oppress the real specialists.

Unfortunately all Israeli professors, lawyers and officials are these illiterate functionaries who perform a lot of criminal activities in oppressing the real specialists and in usurping (stealing) people's money assigned for defending Israel.  Not even one individual with the knowable in Mandatory Law ever existed among all Jewish lawyers, historians and official leaders...  That is very sad, but it's the only truth we have.

Unfortunately the only existing true professional specialists are the specialists of our New York Middle East Institute.  So you, Israeli people (Jews and non-Jews), must send all Israeli professors, lawyers and officials to study and to take examination in our institute.

Unfortunately you don't send these illiterate Jewish professors to learn even the very base.  So with their terribly illiterate malpractice, these ignoramuses continue killing Israel, continue killing you and your kids.  They already screwed Israel up and thrown the Jews down into a very deep shit...

To have a professional talk about a Mandate, any official FIRST must learn at least such an elementary thing that Mandatory is always the employED party, NOT the employING party.  That literally means Mandatory is NOT a boss, NOT an owner.  So Mandate for Palestine is NOT British, it is Jewish Mandate for Palestine:

Basic definitions can be learned for example from p.754 of Henry C. Black «Law Dictionary Containing Definitions of the Terms and Phrases of American and English Jurisprudence, Ancient and Modern, 1910 Second Edition: And Including the Principal Terms of International, Constitutional, Ecclesiastical and Commercial Law» - .  My blueprint from p.754 of this of $195.00 book is presented on the bottom part of the picture below.

In more details it can be learned from p.117 of the 2004 edition of the CLASSICAL from the year 1843 (adopted to US in 1914, first published in 1839) John Bouvier «A Law Dictionary: Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States of American Union; with references to the civil and other systems of foreign law».  My blueprint from p.117 of this of $250.00 book is presented on the top part of the picture below.
A 3-volume 1914 US printout of John Bouvier's Law Dictionary is even better.  Licensed Jewish lawyers Ze'ev Jabotinsky and Menachem Begin MUST HAD learn this dictionary in deep.  But instead of performing their direct professional duties these famous big mouth idiots only scream oversimplified slogans and constantly betray Israel...

Pages 2080-2082 of this 1914 edition of this dictionary provide quite sufficient explanation of the terms Mandatary, Mandatarius, Mandatory and of all related words.  Page 2144 of this 1914 edition of this dictionary provides THE CLASSICAL LATIN DEFINITIONS OF MANDATORY and MANDATE (see below):
1) "Mandatarius terminos sobi positos transgredi non potest" (Lat) which means in English "A mandatory cannot exceed the bounds of his authority". Jenk. Cent. 53.

2) "Mandatum nisi gratuitum nullum est" (Lat) which means in English "Unless a mandate is gratuitous, it is not a mandate". Dig. 17. 1. 1. 4; Inst. 3. 27; 1 Bouv. Inst, in. 1070.

Both of these classical Roman law Latin definitions also prove very clearly that "His Britannic Majesty" and "His Britannic Majesty's Government" (the Mandatory) is NOT the owner of Mandate, that Mandate for Palestine is not British.  The second definition also shows very clearly that it is illegal for Britain to get any kind of benefits, or any kind of revenue, or any kind of ownership of the Mandate.

Britain terribly violated everything in Mandatory Law. The Jews could have victorious criminal court processes against Britain at least from December of 1922. The Jews could own all Palestine. The Jews could very successfully defend all Israel - the land and the people. The Jews could easily have absolutely unlimited Aliyah and to save everybody from Holocaust...

In couple of days I'll provide you with copies of all these pages (I'm too tired and too sleepy to scan them right now I'm too tired even to complete all the explanations).

Unfortunately not even one knowledgeable specialist ever existed among official Jewish lawyers and leaders. They all proved themselves as terribly illiterate idiots and traitors, who even right now keep repeating killing Israel disinformation prepared by the most dangerous enemies like British «Special Operations Executive». This part of MI6 was switched from dirty operations against Nazi to even dirtiest operations against Jewish Holocaust survivors and against Jewish Palestine. This switch from Nazi to subversive activities against Jewish Holocaust survivors was performed in 1946 by Chief of MI6 Sir Stewart Menzies personally.

These subversive activities performed by highly experienced WWII diversionists, saboteurs and spies include all imaginable irregular means like:

- Bombing ships with Jewish Holocaust survivors,

- Sabotage,

- Massive creation of brainless big mouth Jewish official leaders,

- Creation of various decoys,

- Planting into all Jewish university textbooks huge amount of disinformation,

- Creation of misleading "patriotic" propaganda,

- Creation of mousetrap "patriotic" slogans,

- All these suicidal things were planted via ignoramus Jewish lawyers, professors, and brainless official leaders.

British highly experienced saboteurs and spies from «Special Operations Executive» were very effective even against Abwehr, Gestapo and Sicherheitsdienst (not to mention Italian, Romanian and Japanese secret services). So they manipulated very easily with people like Menachem Begin and other stupid Jewish lawyers and leaders. It was «Special Operations Executive» (SOE) who created and promoted all Israeli big mouth "strong leader" idiots who even right now keep pushing through all the suicidal things like statements that Mandate for Palestine is British, not Jewish (as well as many other psycho-suicidal things).

SOE was officially dissolved on 15 January 1946, but it was no more than regular British smog. In 1946 the Labour government of Clement Attlee asked MI6 for "proposals for action to deter ships masters and crews from engaging in illegal Jewish immigration and traffic", adding, "Action of the nature contemplated is, in fact, a form of intimidation and intimidation is only likely to be effective if some members of the group of people to be intimidated actually suffer unpleasant consequences." Among the options contemplated were "the discovery of some sabotage device, which had 'failed' to function after the sailing of a ship", "tampering with a ship’s fresh water supplies or the crew's food", and "fire on board ship in port." For more detailed information please see Keith Jeffrey's «MI6: The History of the Secret Intelligence Service 1909-1949» - a book "published with the permission of The Secret Intelligence Service and the Controller of Her Majesty’s Stationery Office", according to the official advertising or

On the time of switching SOE to subversive illegal activities against Jewish Holocaust survivors, this well trained saboteur and spy organization directly employed or controlled around 13,000 people (about 24% of them were women). It was estimated by other secret services that these 13,000 highly qualified saboteurs and spies supported, supplied or controlled about 1,000,000 operatives worldwide. These experienced operatives, who were confidently working all over the world, started acting by British command against almost the same number of Holocaust survivors who were not-experienced in spying at all...

1/1000 of these experienced operatives were more than enough to screw everything, including all textbooks in all Jewish universities.

From February 14, 1947 Britain launched a well financed «Operation Embarrass» against the Jews. It was sanctioned directly by British Colonial Office and the Foreign Office, as well as by MI6, and the armed services.

The Operation Embarrass team was told that "the primary consideration was to be that no proof could ever be established between positive action against this traffic and His Majesty’s Government [HMG]." The operation had three aspects: direct action against refugee ships, a "black" propaganda campaign, and a deception scheme to disrupt immigration from Black Sea ports. A team of former Special Operations Executive agents - with the cover story of a yachting trip - was sent to France and Italy with limpet bombs and timers. If captured, "they were under no circumstances to admit their connection with HMG" but instead claim to have been recruited in New York "by an anti-Communist organization formed by a group of international industrialists, mainly in the oil and aircraft industries," i.e. to lay the blame on rich, right-wing, unnamed Americans. They were told that this cover "was their final line of defense and, even in the event of a prison sentence, no help could be expected from HMG."

During the summer of 1947 and early 1948, five attacks were undertaken on ships in Italian ports, of which one was rendered "a total loss" and two others were damaged. Two other British-made limpet mines were discovered before they went off, but the Italian authorities did not find their country of origin suspicious, "as the Arabs would of course be using British stores." Operation Embarrass even considered blowing up the Baltimore steamship President Warfield when in harbor in France, which later became famous in Israeli history as the "Exodus" ship that "launched a nation."

But the most terrible part was mass planting of killing Israel disinformation via stupid Jewish lawyers, historians and leaders.

(*) Unfortunately ALL Israeli lawyers, historians, officials and professors are easy to bribe and terribly illiterate (not even one exception is known up to now).  That illiteracy and greediness of all Israeli functionaries are widely used by the dirtiest parts of British Secret Services (such as SOE) in their massive fight against Israel.  I'll provide a lot of facts and particular details at the end of this work, after teaching Mandatory Law and after educating you in Jewish Mandate for Palestine.

Jewish Mandate for Palestine

New York Middle East Institute  Yosef Yakov-Lev, CEO.   From the book ISBN 1448667615

I have discovered Mandatory Law and Supreme Judges explanations of that law (see them below).
All the legal documents clearly prove that Mandate for Palestine is Jewish, not British.

Below please learn
 Jewish Mandate for Palestine and essential for this case Mandatory Law.  And please ask all Jewish paid professionals about their killing Israel ignorance.  Here is the fact: For almost 90 years they try to use the Mandate, but not a single one of them knows Mandatory Law and other essential documents!  It;s unbelievable but the truth...

terribly illiterate paid professionals occupy all the positions and suppress real specialists. Such illiteracy of all Jewish paid professionals is the primary cause of all the strategic losses of Israel.  

They know only killing Israel disinformation, prepared by British Intelligence Services.  So the only thing Israeli paid professionals can do is to screw up Israel.  Piece by piece they screw up and give up Jewish land.  And "leftists" have nothing to do with these losses - the facts are very clear: only right-wing Israeli leaders give up
That's why all right-wing Jewish governments give up Jewish land despite of the heroism of Jewish nation.  Yes,
Having no brain to create the real solutions lose all intellectual battles and even from Jerusalem - .

Such functionaries use all bureaucratic resources to kill the real specialists !

Because of their unbelievable nescience, all Jewish paid professionals keep planting all the killing Israel disinformation, prepared by British Intelligence Services. !
In other works I will have to give you more and more examples of how horrible is the illiteracy of all Jewish leaders and paid professionals.  Otherwise it is absolutely impossible to have the epicrisis of the patient - the adequate picture of what's really going on with Israel.  It's the only way to gain the true understanding of the facts: all right-wing Israeli governments constantly give up Jewish land. Yes, the facts are very clear: only "rightists" surrender Jewish land.

Without understanding of how deep is the illiteracy of all Jewish paid professionals and leaders, it is impossible to understand why Jews keep losing all strategic battles for the legality and legitimacy of Israel. and .
Because of that unbelievable illiteracy of all Jewish paid professionals, Israel keep losing strategic battles for.  Because of the ignorance of all Jewish leaders and officials, the Jews keep losing Jewish Land since 1922 (even earlier). Despite of the heroism of Jewish people. Unfortunately it's a fact, and That's why Israeli government has to expulsion Jews even from Jerusalem:  .
They refuse to learn the essential documents, instead they inculcate killing Israel British disinformation and use all bureaucratic forces for suppressing the real specialist and for cutting our very successful New York Middle East Institute off all financial resources.

inculcate killing Israel disinformation prepared by British Intelligence Services.    Jewish Mossad, Shabak and other Israeli Intelligence Services never had brain to cheated by the British... 

Here is another terrible fact: all paid professionals

In result vendible paid professionals completely destroy legitimacy and legality of Israel, and  British Intelligence Services disinformation about These fundamental discoveries finally establish the true legality and legitimacy of Jewish State on all Palestine.

Our fundamental discovery has undoubtedly proved the following:
1) The Jews are the lawful owners of all Palestine, according to the International Law.
2) Mandate for Palestine is Jewish.
3) Jews have lost over 80% of Jewish land because all Jewish lawyers and officials
 inculcate people with British Intelligence Services disinformation that Mandate for Palestine is British(and therefore Britain and UN can give this land to anybody).

Even Israeli Ministry of Justice and Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs kill Jewish rights for Jewish land via their statements that the Mandate for Palestine is British, not Jewish.  This killing Israel actions, performed by all Jewish paid professionals, destroy the legitimacy and the legality of Israel.

That's why Israel has lost the rights to defend the land, so Israeli Army can not defend even the tombs of Jewish ancestors...
That's why Israeli Army is completely paralyzed with international criminal court persecutions...
That's why Israeli government has to expulsion Jews even from Jerusalem:

Our groundbreaking discovery of the Mandatory Law allows to defend Jews and to establish Israel'sTrue Legal Foundations under International Law.

True Jewish Legal Rights for The Land


Israel's True Legal Foundation

under International Law

(fundamental breakthrough discovery)

Traitorous Israeli officials teach us – in one way or another – that Britain owned Mandate for Palestine.  Therefore they call the Mandate "British".  That is 100% false.  We have discovered British and International Mandatory Law.  Both specifically explained that the "Mandatory" by no means could imply being an owner.

It is also important to notice that all the legal definitions describe "Mandatory" (or"Mandatary" in American spelling) via requirements and obligations, not via rights and permissions.

"His Britannic Majesty" is clearly designated in the Mandate as a "Mandatory".  According to the Mandatory Law, that explicitly means that Britain is NOT the owner of the Mandate, and the Mandate is NOT British.

Being the Mandatory for Jewish Mandate for Palestine, Britain signed to have all the legal responsibilities and punishments for breaking the Mandate.  So Britain should be kept accountable.  This breakthrough legal discovery creates perfect legal basis to protect Israeli Army from all international court persecutions. Together with the Arab-Jewish Treaty on Jewish Homeland in Palestine this fundamental discovery allows to crash the entire backbone of terrorism.  Please learn particular details in our concise 

IN THE BRITISH LAW  we can refer to the "Story on Bailm. Sec. 138; 1 Brown, Civ. Law, 382; Halif. Anal. Civ. Law, 70", to the "Mr. Justice Story", to the explanations of Sir William Jones.

IN THE U.S. LAW  we can refer to the explanations of Mr. Chancellor Kent, as well as to many other basic laws and precedents.

All these sources explicitly describe "Mandatory" not as the owner, but the one who"engages to do some act without reward" and "to be when one undertakes, without recompense, to do some act for the other in respect to the thing bailed".

Thus the 
lawful owners of all Palestine and the lawful owners of Mandate for Palestine are the Jewish people.  Jewish ownership of Palestine is based NOT on some "Great Powers" imperialistic decision (as traitorous Israeli officials teach us), but on Arab-Jewish Treaty on Jewish Homeland in Palestine.

Jewish Mandate for Palestine is one of the essential international ratifications of this ownership.  The ratifications was done by the official Arab delegation and by all the nations of the world including Turkey (former sovereign of this territory).  Official Arabdelegation ratified Arab-Jewish Treaty during Paris Peace Conference.  Turkey ratified Arab-Jewish Treaty together with Jewish Mandate for Palestine via the Treaty of Lausanne.

We have everything to The only problem is traitorous Jewish leaders and Israeli officials who support and even celebrate UN's decision to steal Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria from the Jew , who spread everywhere killing Israel disinformation and who prevent us from using Jewish rights for Jewish land.

Traitorous Jewish leaders and Israeli officials not only celebrate UN's decision to steal Jerusalem from the Jews, evicting Jews from Jerusalem (only 3 miles of it) and aggressively cut the real specialists off all the financial and other resources. 

First time in the history our fundamental researches discovered TRUE Jewish Legal Rights for Jewish Land under International Law.


The Council of the League of Nations:

Whereas the Principal Allied Powers have agreed, for the purpose of giving effect to the provisions of Article 22 of the Covenant of the League of Nations, to entrust to a Mandatory selected by the said Powers the administration of the territory of Palestine, which formerly belonged to the Turkish Empire, within such boundaries as may be fixed by them; and

Whereas the Principal Allied Powers have also agreed that the Mandatory should be responsible for putting into effect the declaration originally made on November 2nd, 1917, by the Government of His Britannic Majesty, and adopted by the said Powers, in favour of the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people, it being clearly understood that nothing should be done which might prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine, or the rights and political status enjoyed by Jews in any other country; and

Whereas recognition has thereby been given to the historical connection of the Jewish people with Palestine and to the grounds for reconstituting their national home in that country; and

Whereas the Principal Allied Powers have selected His Britannic Majesty as the Mandatory for Palestine; and

Whereas the mandate in respect of Palestine has been formulated in the following terms and submitted to the Council of the League for approval; and

Whereas His Britannic Majesty has accepted the mandate in respect of Palestine and undertaken to exercise it on behalf of the League of Nations in conformity with the following provisions; and

Whereas by the aforementioned Article 22 (paragraph 8), it is provided that the degree of authority, control or administration to be exercised by the Mandatory, not having been previously agreed upon by the Members of the League, shall be explicitly defined by the Council of the League of Nations;

Confirming the said mandate, defines its terms as follows:

Article 1

The Mandatory shall have full powers of legislation and of administration, save as they may be limited by the terms of this mandate.

Article 2

The Mandatory shall be responsible for placing the country under such political, administrative and economic conditions as will secure the establishment of the Jewish national home, as laid down in the preamble, and the development of self-governing institutions, and also for safeguarding the civil and religious rights of all the inhabitants of Palestine, irrespective of race and religion.

Article 3

The Mandatory shall, so far as circumstances permit, encourage local autonomy.

Article 4

An appropriate Jewish agency shall be recognised as a public body for the purpose of advising and co-operating with the Administration of Palestine in such economic, social and other matters as may affect the establishment of the Jewish national home and the interests of the Jewish population in Palestine, and, subject always to the control of the Administration, to assist and take part in the development of the country.

The Zionist Organisation, so long as its organisation and constitution are in the opinion of the Mandatory appropriate, shall be recognised as such agency. It shall take steps in consultation with His Britannic Majesty's Government to secure the co-operation of all Jews who are willing to assist in the establishment of the Jewish national home.

Article 5

The Mandatory shall be responsible for seeing that no Palestine territory shall be ceded or leased to, or in any way placed under the control of, the Government of any foreign Power.

Article 6

The Administration of Palestine, while ensuring that the rights and position of other sections of the population are not prejudiced, shall facilitate Jewish immigration under suitable conditions and shall encourage, in co-operation with the Jewish agency referred to in Article 4, close settlement by Jews on the land, including State lands and waste lands not required for public purposes.

Article 7

The Administration of Palestine shall be responsible for enacting a nationality law. There shall be included in this law provisions framed so as to facilitate the acquisition of Palestinian citizenship by Jews who take up their permanent residence in Palestine.

Article 8

The privileges and immunities of foreigners, including the benefits of consular jurisdiction and protection as formerly enjoyed by Capitulation or usage in the Ottoman Empire, shad not be applicable in Palestine.

Unless the Powers whose nationals enjoyed the afore-mentioned privileges and immunities on August 1st, 1914, shall have previously renounced the right to their re-establishment, or shall have agreed to their non-application for a specified period, these privileges and immunities shall, at the expiration of the mandate, be immediately reestablished in their entirety or with such modifications as may have been agreed upon between the Powers concerned.

Article 9

The Mandatory shall be responsible for seeing that the judicial system established in Palestine shall assure to foreigners, as well as to natives, a complete guarantee of their rights.

Respect for the personal status of the various peoples and communities and for their religious interests shall be fully guaranteed. In particular, the control and administration of Wakfs shall be exercised in accordance with religious law and the dispositions of the founders.

Article 10

Pending the making of special extradition agreements relating to Palestine, the extradition treaties in force between the Mandatory and other foreign Powers shall apply to Palestine.

Article 11

The Administration of Palestine shall take all necessary measures to safeguard the interests of the community in connection with the development of the country, and, subject to any international obligations accepted by the Mandatory, shall have full power to provide for public ownership or control of any of the natural resources of the country or of the public works, services and utilities established or to be established therein. It shall introduce a land system appropriate to the needs of the country, having regard, among other things, to the desirability of promoting the close settlement and intensive cultivation of the land.

The Administration may arrange with the Jewish agency mentioned in Article 4 to construct or operate, upon fair and equitable terms, any public works, services and utilities, and to develop any of the natural resources of the country, in so far as these matters are not directly undertaken by the Administration. Any such arrangements shall provide that no profits distributed by such agency, directly or indirectly, shall exceed a reasonable rate of interest on the capital, and any further profits shall be utilised by it for the benefit of the country in a manner approved by the Administration.

Article 12

The Mandatory shall be entrusted with the control of the foreign relations of Palestine and the right to issue exequaturs to consuls appointed by foreign Powers. He shall also be entitled to afford diplomatic and consular protection to citizens of Palestine when outside its territorial limit.

Article 13

All responsibility in connection with the Holy Places and religious buildings or sites in Palestine, including that of preserving existing rights and of securing free access to the Holy Places, religious buildings and sites and the free exercise of worship, while ensuring the requirements of public order and decorum, is assumed by the Mandatory, who shall be responsible solely to the League of Nations in all matters connected herewith, provided that nothing in this article shall prevent the Mandatory from entering into such arrangements as he may deem reasonable with the Administration for the purpose of carrying the provisions of this article into effect; and provided also that nothing in this mandate shah be construed as conferring upon the Mandatory authority to interfere with the fabric or the management of purely Moslem sacred shrines, the immunities of which are guaranteed.

Article 14

A special Commission shall be appointed by the Mandatory to study, define and determine the rights and claims in connection with the Holy Places and the rights and claims relating to the different religious communities in Palestine. The method of nomination, the composition and the functions of this Commission shall be submitted to the Council of the League for its approval, and the Commission shall not be appointed or enter upon its functions without the approval of the Council.

Article 15

The Mandatory shall see that complete freedom of conscience and the free exercise of all forms of worship, subject only to the maintenance of public order and morals, are ensured to all. No discrimination of any kind shall be made between the inhabitants of Palestine on the ground of race, religion or language. No person shall be excluded from Palestine on the sole ground of his religious belief.

The right of each community to maintain its own schools for the education of its own members in its own language, while conforming to such educational requirements of a general nature as the Administration may impose, shall not be denied or impaired.

Article 16

The Mandatory shall be responsible for exercising such supervision over religious or eleemosynary bodies of all faiths in Palestine as may be required for the maintenance of public order and good government. Subject to such supervision, no measures shall be taken in Palestine to obstruct or interfere with the enterprise of such bodies or to discriminate against any representative or member of them on the ground of his religion or nationality.

Article 17

The Administration of Palestine may organise on a voluntary basis the forces necessary for the preservation of peace and order, and also for the defence of the country, subject, however, to the supervision of the Mandatory, but shall not use them for purposes other than those above specified save with the consent of the Mandatory. Except for such purposes, no military, naval or air forces shall be raised or maintained by the Administration of Palestine.

Nothing in this article shall preclude the Administration of Palestine from contributing to the cost of the maintenance of the forces of the Mandatory in Palestine.

The Mandatory shall be entitled at all times to use the roads; railways and ports of Palestine for the movement of armed forces and the carriage of fuel and supplies.

Article 18

The Mandatory shall see that there is no discrimination in Palestine against the nationals of any State Member of the League of Nations (including companies incorporated under its laws) as compared with those of the Mandatory or of any foreign State in matters concerning taxation, commerce or navigation, the exercise of industries or professions, or in the treatment of merchant vessels or civil aircraft. Similarly, there shall be no discrimination in Palestine against goods originating in or destined for any of the said States, and there shall be freedom of transit under equitable conditions across the mandated area.

Subject as aforesaid and to the other provisions of this mandate, the Administration of Palestine may, on the advice of the Mandatory, impose such taxes and customs duties as it may consider necessary and take such steps as it may think best to promote the development of the natural resources of the country and to safeguard the interests of the population. It may also, on the advice of the Mandatory, conclude a special customs agreement with any State the territory of which in 1914 was wholly included in Asiatic Turkey or Arabia.

Article 19

The Mandatory shall adhere on behalf of the Administration of Palestine to any general international conventions already existing, or which may be concluded hereafter with the approval of the League of Nations, respecting the slave traffic, the traffic in arms and ammunition, or the traffic in drugs, or relating to commercial equality, freedom of transit and navigation, aerial navigation and postal, telegraphic and wireless communication or literary, artistic or industrial property.

Article 20

The Mandatory shall co-operate on behalf of the Administration of Palestine, so far as religious, social and other conditions may permit, in the execution of any common policy adopted by the League of nations for preventing and combating disease, including diseases of plants and animals.

Article 21

The Mandatory shall secure the enactment within twelve months from this date, and shall ensure the execution of a Law of Antiquities based on the following rules. This law shall ensure equality of treatment in the matter of excavations and archaeological research to the nationals of all States Members of the League of Nations.


"Antiquity" means any construction or any product of human activity earlier than the year 1700 A.D.


The law for the protection of antiquities shall proceed by encouragement rather than by threat.

Any person who, having discovered an antiquity without being furnished with the authorisation referred to in paragraph 5, reports the same to an official of the competent Department, shall be rewarded according to the value of the discovery.


No antiquity may be disposed of except to the competent Department, unless this Department renounces the acquisition of any such antiquity.

No antiquity may leave the country without an export licence from the said Department.


Any person who maliciously or negligently destroys or damages an antiquity shall be liable to a penalty to be fixed.


No clearing of ground or digging with the object of finding antiquities shall be permitted, under penalty of fine, except to persons authorised by the competent Department.


Equitable terms shall be fixed for expropriation, temporary or permanent, of lands which might be of historical or archaeological interest.


Authorisation to excavate shall only be granted to persons who show sufficient guarantees of archaeological experience. The Administration of Palestine shall not, in granting these authorisations, act in such a way as to exclude scholars of any nation without good grounds.


The proceeds of excavations may be divided between the excavator and the competent Department in a proportion fixed by that Department. If division seems impossible for scientific reasons, the excavator shall receive a fair indemnity in lieu of a part of the find.

Article 22

English, Arabic and Hebrew shall be the official languages of Palestine. Any statement or inscription in Arabic on stamps or money in Palestine shall be repeated in Hebrew and any statement or inscription in Hebrew shall be repeated in Arabic.

Article 23

The Administration of Palestine shall recognise the holy days of the respective communities in Palestine as legal days of rest for the members of such communities.

Article 24

The Mandatory shall make to the Council of the League of Nations an annual report to the satisfaction of the Council as to the measures taken during the year to carry out the provisions of the mandate. Copies of all laws and regulations promulgated or issued during the year shall be communicated with the report.

Article 25

In the territories lying between the Jordan and the eastern boundary of Palestine as ultimately determined, the Mandatory shall be entitled, with the consent of the Council of the League of Nations, to postpone or withhold application of such provisions of this mandate as he may consider inapplicable to the existing local conditions, and to make such provision for the administration of the territories as he may consider suitable to those conditions, provided that no action shall be taken which is inconsistent with the provisions of Articles 15, 16 and 18.

Article 26

The Mandatory agrees that, if any dispute whatever should arise between e Mandatory and another Member of the League of Nations relating to the interpretation or the application of the provisions of the mandate, such dispute, if it cannot be settled by negotiation, shall be submitted to the Permanent Court of International Justice provided for by Article 14 of the Covenant of the League of Nations.

Article 27

The consent of the Council of the League of Nations is required for any modification of the terms of this mandate.

Article 28

In the event of the termination of the mandate hereby conferred upon the Mandatory, the Council of the League of Nations shall make such arrangements as may be deemed necessary for safeguarding in perpetuity, under guarantee of the League, the rights secured by Articles 13 and 14, and shall use its influence for securing, under the guarantee of the League, that the Government of Palestine will fully honour the financial obligations legitimately incurred by the Administration of Palestine during the period of the mandate, including the rights of public servants to pensions or gratuities.

The present instrument shall be deposited in original in the archives of the League of Nations and certified copies shall be forwarded by the Secretary-General of the League of Nations to all Members of the League.

Done at London the twenty-fourth day of July, one thousand nine hundred and twenty-two.

Certified true copy:SECRETARY-GENERAL

* Nineteenth Session of the Council
Thirteenth Meeting
Held at St James' Palace, London on July 24th, 1922, at 3.p.m

Source: League of Nations12 August 1922 C. 529. M. 314.1922. VI.
Communiqué au Conseil et aux Membres de la Société
Genève, le 12 août 1922.

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