Thursday, June 4, 2015

United States is "occupied" territory - Not Jerusalem

United States is "occupied" territory

Washington, D.C. is far more of an "occupied" capital than Jerusalem (Jerusalem has thousands of years of Jewish history and habitation). Europeans after creating new settlements, conquered an entire continent of North America, annihilated the natives, extracted its natural resources, kicked out the Mexicans and called it "America," claiming Washington as its capital. Over six hundred thousand people died in a war that prevented the South from seceding. As regards the rest of the world, Jerusalem is the oldest capital in the world, and it belongs to the Jewish people. The world does not recognize Jerusalem as the Jewish capital, because the world does not recognize the right of Jews to exist. Those liberal Jews in USA and Europe and elsewhere who pander to the non-Jews by endorsing views that deny or compromise the Jewish sovereignty over Greater Israel and hoping that they would be "acceptable" are deluding themselves. It did not help with Nazi Germany or in the past 2,500 years and it will not help today.

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