Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Israel's left is delusional and are willing to sacrifice the Jewish State

Israel's left is delusional and are willing to sacrifice the Jewish State
The left may not be able to win elections, and let us hope it does not win elections, or Israel demise would be enhanced, but the left can destroy Israel. A divided Israel has not been able to break away from the peace process. And it is unable to stop Iran. Netanyahu’s dilemma is not just that he has to convince Obama who is clueless when it comes to International politics. Netanyahu must work around Obama, and find a way to eliminate Iran's threat to Israel and the region, but he also has to figure out a way to do the same thing for the country’s domestic left whose parliamentary presence is limited, but whose actual obstructive and destructive powers are huge. And the left will insist on waiting until the very last second while claiming that Netanyahu is manufacturing a crisis for political advantage until it’s almost too late.
Or until it actually is too late.
The same establishment that was wrong about Turkey and wrong about the Arab Spring insists on sticking to its guns, or lack of guns, when it comes to Iran.
Israel’s left ran out of ideas long ago and runs instead on the recycled effluvia of the European left. It has adopted the conviction of the international left that Israel is always to blame.
The right is growing every year while the left is diminishing.
Iran is the destabilizing factor in the Middle East and beyond..
Iran is a rogue state and a supporter and financier of terrorism worldwide and everyone knows it..

When someone threaten to destroy you, it is your obligation to beat him to it and destroy him first.

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