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Israeli Company Creates Solar-Panel Windows To Power Buildings and more

USB Flash Drive Inventor Unveils Smart TV Startup Comigo

March 25, 2012Startup Comigo aims to revolutionize the television market with a Smart TV platform offering multi-screen experience with interactive socialization capabilities. It also allows users to stream content from one device to another and communicate with other viewers in real time.

IBM Launches Cancer Analytics Platform

March 14, 2012IBM launched an analytics platform that offers personalized treatments for a wide range of long-term health issues including cancer, hypertension and AIDS. The biomedical platform, named Clinical Genomics, was developed by IBM researchers in Haifa, Israel and combines personal health history with an analysis of guidelines and similar cases. The platform will deliver treatment recommendations […]

New App Brings Album Sleeve Into the Digital Era

March 13, 2012iAlbums is an iPhone app that aims to bring a little bit of that old school feeling of buying a record, a casette tape, or even CD. Developed in Israel, the app allows users to listen to music with the additional features of looking up lyrics and reading reviews and artist interviews

Will Sea Anemone Contribute To Human Organ Repair?

March 13, 2012Israeli scientists will establish a center to study the sea anemone Nematostella, which has the ability to regenerate its body parts. Researchers are hopeful this sea creature will contribute to the development of drugs that can speed rehabilitation of damaged organs.

SXSW: Israeli ‘Fooducate’ Wins App Competition

March 12, 2012Israeli startup Fooducate has won the mobile application competition “Command the Spotlight” at the SXSW conference in Austin, Texas. The competition was organized by analytics company Flurry. According to the blog VentureBeat, Fooducate was one of three selected apps that beat their 700 competitors. Fooducate provides nutritional information about grocery store items after analyzing information found in each product’s nutrition panel […]

Drippler Keeps Your Gadgets Up To Date

March 11, 2012An Israeli startup called Drippler wants to give your sophisticated devices that have been shelved for being a little outdated another opportunity to shine. The app provides personalized updates for your devices – be it a smartphone, tablet or MP3 players.

Explosives As A Means To Create, Not To Destroy

March 08, 2012A young Israeli artist found a way to turn his creative process into a blast. Literarily. BLAST is an innovative project by Guy Mishaly, who uses explosives to make unique stools. The graduate of the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design ensures that this way, no two items are ever the same.

Former Microsoft Israel R&D President To Raise VC fund

March 07, 2012Former Microsoft Israel R&D president, Moshe Lichtman, and former NICE Systems CEO and the former director general of the Israeli Ministry of Finance, Haim Shani, will try to raise $100-150 million for a venture capital fund. Israeli media reported that the fund will make investments of a few million dollars into late-stage startups seeking growth. The two […]

‘BiolineRX’ Granted Approval For Phase II Bowel Disease Trial

March 06, 2012Drug development company BiolineRX announced that it has received approval from Israel’s Ministry of Health to commence a Phase II trial of its treatment for inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). The company reported that the Phase II trial will be an open-label study to evaluate the efficacy, safety and tolerability of the treatment, BL-7040, in up […]

‘Teva’: Positive Results In Phase III Trial For Rhinitis Nasal Spray

March 06, 2012Teva Pharmaceutical Industries reported positive results from Phase III clinical studies for its QNASL nasal spray. The spray is designed to treat seasonal allergic rhinitis (SAR) and perennial allergic rhinitis (PAR). The trials tested the efficacy and safety of the spray, as well as the impact on quality of life. The results were reported at […]

‘BG Negev’ Raises $1M For Neurodegenerative Diseases Study

March 05, 2012BG Negev Technologies and Applications, the technology transfer company of Ben Gurion University of the Negev, has raised $1 million from a US private equity fund, to develop therapies for neurodegenerative diseases. The funding will support a study conducted by the university’s Department of Immunology and Microbiology, which might be useful for prolonging lifespans for […]

‘Procognia’ Signs Distribution Deal In China And Taiwan

March 05, 2012Procognia (Israel) signed a binding three-year letter of intent with Cytech – a Hong-Kong based distributor of life sciences products – for the exclusive distribution of Procognia’s blood sugar analysis kits in China and Taiwan. According to the deal, Procognia will receive a percentage of sales and revenue from the analysis services. The Glycoscope kit […]

New Antibacterial Material Purifies Water In Space

March 02, 2012An Israeli scientist collaborated with NASA to fight bacteria in water sources that are used by astronauts in space. His nanotechnology solution showed positive results aboard an Atlantis mission last summer. This technology could also be used in the food industry and in hospitals.

Researchers: Sound Can Activate ‘Sight’ For The Blind

February 26, 2012Can the blind “see” with their ears? Hebrew University of Jerusalem brain scientists have tapped onto the visual cortex of people suffering from congenital blindness by using sensory substitution devices – making it possible for them to “see” and even describe objects.

‘Brainsway’ Receives New Product Innovation Award For Neuro-Psychiatry

February 24, 2012Brainsway announced it has received the Frost & Sullivan 2012 Global New Product Innovation Award in neuro-psychiatric Devices for its Deep Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) system. Frost & Sullivan is a Growth Partnership company that provides its clients researches, models and growth strategies. Brainsway, headquartered in Jerusalem, Israel, is developing noninvasive medical devices for the […]

FDA Grants Orphan Drug Status For Can-Fite’s Liver Cancer Drug

February 23, 2012Can-Fite BioPharma obtained US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Orphan Drug Status for CF102 – a drug for primary liver cancer (hepatocellular carcinoma.) The drug was found to be safe in preclinical and Phase I clinical trials. Orphan Drug Status is granted for drugs being developed for the treatment of diseases that affect a small […]

‘Radvision’ To Advance Mobile Video Communications For ‘Quanta’

February 21, 2012Radvision, Israeli solution provider for unified visual communications, announced that Quanta Computer, one of the world’s largest manufacturers for notebook computers, has selected it as the technology provider for its video communications product line. Quanta plans to integrate Radvision’s unified-communications applications into its mobile devices, including notebooks and tablets, to improve its video conferencing services. […]

‘Viggle’ Acquires Israeli Audience Engagement Company ‘Loyalize’

February 21, 2012Viggle, a loyalty program for television created by Function(x), announced its acquisition of the assets and business of the Israeli company Loyalize for $5M. Loyalize enables brands and content providers to engage with nationwide audiences during live TV shows, sporting events and political debates via their smart phones, tablets and laptops. Due to the acquisition […]

‘Traffix Systems’ Sold For $130 million

February 20, 2012Israeli startup Traffix Systems will be sold to the American company F5 for $130 million. Traffix, founded in 2005, supports 4G telecommunications service providers. The Traffix Signaling Delivery Controller enables carriers to maximize network performance with innovative routing, load balancing and gateways solutions based on the IP-based industry standard protocol for signaling, known as Diameter. […]

‘Porticor’ Launches Cloud Data Encryption Service

February 19, 2012Cloud data security company Porticor has launched its data encryption service, to protect data in public, private and hybrid cloud environments. The Israel-based company’s solution features a split-key encryption method across the provider’s cloud data protection system. The solution is applicable for different storage types, including virtual disks, databases, distributed storage and file systems. Porticor was founded […]

Paralysed Woman To Complete Marathon Using Robotic Skeleton

February 17, 2012A British woman who became paralysed after a horse-riding accident is planning to walk the next London marathon using a robotic skeleton. The robotic suit, developed by Israeli company Argo, uses motors and gears strapped to the user’s lower body while sensors attached to the upper body help to control motion.

New Blood Test Could Detect Cancer

February 15, 2012Soroka hospital and Ben Gurion University in Israel are developing a unique method to detect various types of cancer through a simple blood test. Researchers say that in a first trial conducted recently, they succeeded in detecting cancer in almost 90 percent of cancer patients tested.

Dog TV: How To Turn Your Dog Into A Couch-Potato

February 15, 2012An Israeli company launches a new TV channel In the United States, targeted to dogs. The channel features images of happy dogs, people playing soccer and relaxing piano music. The company says the content is backed up by research, which shows the programs relax dogs and stimulate their imagination

New Diabetes Device To Measure Glucose Levels Through Breath

February 11, 2012Easy Check, a new device under development in Israel, could allow diabetics to measure the glucose levels in their body simply by sampling their breath. Easy Check is a non-invasive device that can indicate the patient’s glucose levels by measuring the amount of acetone in the breath.

Who Is Afraid Of Online Shopping?

February 06, 2012Swedish-Israeli company Klarna offers to decrease the fraud risks of online shopping and build trust between buyer and seller. With an Israeli-created algorithm, the company analyzes and predicts buying patterns of customers and allows them to pay only after receiving their goods.

Wrapped In Nature: New Biodegradable Food Packages

February 02, 2012An Israeli company is developing biodegradable food packages that perish within 180 days. The Tipa packages are currently suitable for soft foods and the company is developing packaging for beverages as well. The company hopes to enter the market with several pilot products by the end of this year

Study: Hypersensitive Children May Develop OCD In Adulthood

January 28, 2012A new study shows that some sensitivities in children are a precursor to Obsessive Compulsive Disorder in adulthood. According to the study, children who are overly sensitive to touch or smell may adopt ritualistic behaviours as a mechanism to regain a sense of control, which is symptomatic of adults who suffer from the disorder.

Genetically Modified Plants To Resist Intense Drought

January 17, 2012Israeli agro-biotechnology company, Rosetta Green, has developed a new technology to develop plants that are better able to withstand prolonged periods of severe drought. The company aims to develop new plant varieties resistant to harsh climatic condition, maintaining an increased yield.

Light At Night Not A ‘Bright’ Idea

January 08, 2012According to an international study with Israeli input, moonlight and starlight aren’t just romantic they are also healthier than harsh artificial light – especially LED (light-emitting diodes) white light, which suppresses important brain processes.

First LEED Platinum Eco-Building To Be Built In Israel

January 03, 2012The company Geotectura has broken ground on Israel’s very first LEED Platinum Building. From brownfield rehabilitation to the most advanced energy and water saving techniques, the PSES EcoBuilding’s groundbreaking design is bound to inspire a whole new era of sustainable development.

Falafel With A Side Of Diesel

December 28, 2011Israeli scientists have developed a new process by which any oil, including leftovers of fast food joints, or “falafel stands,” as they say, can be turned into biodiesel, without requiring much energy in the process.

Israeli-Built Devices Lead Way For Cardiovascular Interventions

December 25, 2011Two leading Israeli cardiologists talk to “Globes” about the latest technologies in cardiology being developed in the country. “Israel is a world power in innovation – the top in terms of patents per capita, and first in terms of start up companies. In all of Silicon Valley there are 700 start ups. In Israel, there are 1,000 and only 7 million people.”

Sitting Down Makes Your Bum Bigger, Study Shows

December 14, 2011Sitting around really does give you a big backside, scientists at Tel Aviv University have revealed. The researchers found that the pressure put on areas of the body used for sitting or lying down produces up to 50 per cent more fat in those parts.

Israeli/Arab Singers Sing For Peace

December 06, 2011Singer Achinoam Nini (Noa) has never been afraid to voice her opinions. At the 2011 Speaking Arts conference, she sang with Palestinian artists. ‘It’s very hard to hold such events despite the fact that we are artists and that such connections should hover over everything.”

Tonara App – Music That Listens To You

December 04, 2011A new iPad app aims to re-invent the veteran music-sheet by being the first interactive “musical kindle.” The Tonara app is the first interactive sheet music app that listens to people while they play music or sing.

New Test To Detect Food Contamination Within Minutes

November 17, 2011In the United States alone, about 48 million people get sick from contaminated food each year. The common method of testing food and beverages for harmful bacteria with the use of petri plates is cumbersome and can take up to several days. An Israeli company claims to be able to reduce this waiting time from days to a mere five minutes.

Breathing Car Fumes Can Actually Reduce Your Stress!

November 15, 2011Researchers from Israel’s Tel Aviv University found that subjects inhaling carbon monoxide emitted from city cars, were less stressed due to the narcotic effect of the gas. The research shows that extended exposure to the chemical also had no lasting effects.

Birth Control Pills Tied To Blood Clots, Study Shows

November 09, 2011A new Israeli research that studied over 300 thousand women who used a newer type of birth control pill, found out that they were at a higher risk of developing blood clots. The research shows that a hormone found in brand-names like Yaz and Yasmin led to higher risk of thromboembolisms.

Can Sound Waves Cure Impotence?

November 06, 2011Sound waves could significantly improve sexual activity in men whose severe erectile dysfunction has not responded well to drug treatments, a new study has found.Researchers employed a technique similar to that used to break up kidney stones to shock the penis into life with low-intensity waves.

Circus School Leads Jews And Arabs To Climb Walls Of Separation

November 02, 2011There is a basic concept in circus art one cannot do without: Trust. If you are swinging from a trapeze or performing acrobatic tricks, you need to have total faith in your partner. This is precisely the idea that drives the Israel Circus School to create a peaceful space where Jewish and Arabic youth can start to get to know one another.

New ‘Pooper-Scooper’ Turns Dog Droppings Into Ash

October 23, 2011Coming to pet shops in 2012: An Israeli pooper-scooper that turns droppings into harmless, odorless ash within seconds. The idea came from an Israeli who got fined for failing to pick up the droppings and decided to contact a Hebrew University professor for a better solution.

New Youtube Feature Automatically Edits Any Raw Videos

October 11, 2011Magisto, a new Israeli automated editing tool now featured on YouTube will enable users to upload raw videos which will be turned into a final, refined movie. Magisto analyzes the video, assesses which parts are most “interesting” and edits it into a “best of” type of video.

iPhone App Aims To Become Foursquare For Parents And Babies

October 08, 2011An new iPhone app called Yellowbrck is trying to become the Foursquare for parents looking for fun activities with their children. Just like Foursquare, YellowBrck comes complete with check-ins and badges – but the best part is that parents can actually earn coupons and reductions at stores.

Three New Israeli Startups For A 5-Star Trip

September 21, 2011Three new Israeli startups create ways to make you vacations easy, memorable and economically sound. Superfly optimizes your frequent flyer miles; Plnnr optimizes trips to your preferences and YooGuide organizes tailored “Fun Days.”

Nigeria Ex-Militants To Study Agricultural Technology In Israel

September 19, 2011Eighty-two ex-militants from the Niger Delta area in Nigeria departed for Israel and the Philippines under the Post Amnesty Reintegration Program for vocational training in agriculture, pipeline and under-water welding. The Nigerian government is hoping the participants will return to Nigeria with much-needed expertise.

‘Limb Factory’ Gives Life Back To Disabled From All Over The World

September 16, 2011Few could imagine what is going on inside the small warehouse overlooking Israel’s Ben Gurion Airport. Scattered throughout the space, hundreds of limbs are piled onto each other: arms, legs, some painted the color of human flesh, others colored deep hues. It is here that patients come from all over the world to be fitted with prosthetic limbs.

iOnRoad Uses Augmented Reality To Warn Drivers

September 12, 2011iOnRoad uses augmented reality to alert drivers of dangers on the road. The app uses a phone’s camera and GPS to determine the speed and distance between the cars. It then calculates the time required to brake in case of emergency and translates that into warnings.

Electric Bacteria Turn Wastewater Into Energy

September 07, 2011An Israeli company has developed an innovative system to treat wastewater with the help of sewage-eating bacteria. Emefcy, producer of Israeli bio-energy systems, says its system minimizes the energy consumption for wastewater treatment.

Israel Inst. Of Technology Creates Snake Robots

September 04, 2011In a recently released Youtube clip, Israel’s Institute of Technology displays of some of its new works: A robotic snake, a self-driving motorcycle, a wall-climbing robot and various other artificial intelligence demonstrations. ‘Robots will integrate our daily lives in the next few years,’ says researcher.

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