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Researchers In Israel Announce A Revolutionary Alternative To Fuel and more

Skycure Launches Mobile Hacker Detection Software

October 22, 2013Many companies are shifting towards a “Bring Your Own Device” policy for employees. While saving the company the cost of buying its employees smartphones, the policy poses a potential security threat. Israeli company Skycure has just launched a solution in the form of protective software.

Woojer Lets You Feel The Beat, Literally

October 16, 2013No matter how loud you blast your music on your headphones, it will never feel the same as being in a club or watching a live show. That is, unless you have Woojer – the Israeli gizmo that lets you feel the sounds throughout your entire body.

The Israeli Blind Mole Rat May Hold The Key To Curing Cancer

September 30, 2013While much has been written about the naked mole rat’s longevity and cancer-resistance, its Israeli cousin, the blind mole rat, has not received the same publicity. However, a group of Israeli researchers is now trying to turn the subterranean rodent’s natural cancer resistance into a cure.

META: The Stylish Rivals Of Google Glass

September 17, 2013They look like a stylish version of augmented reality glasses and META.01 might come to stifle the vision of Google Glass. Much like Tony Stark in Iron Man, META.01 allows the wearer to manipulate projected images with instinctive hand movements.

Family Photo Sharing Made Easy With Familio

April 07, 2013When you post a photo of your kids on Facebook, more often than not, it will be viewed by people other than your family members, who might not catch it on their newsfeed at all. Israeli startup is trying a different approach.

Israeli Herbs Found Useful In Treating Infection

April 03, 2013The use of medicinal herbs may be as ancient as humanity itself, but such treatments are often considered no more than “voodoo.” However, a recent EU-funded research in Israel has proven that some plants are, in fact, as effective as Western medicine.

A Lollipop To Help You Lose Weight!

March 31, 2013Say goodbye to pills and hello to fortified confectionery. An Israeli company has developed candies with health benefits. The innovative lollipops, wafers and toffees are formulated to help shed pounds, boost the immune system and promote bone health.

New Israeli App Offers Users Unlimited Coffee

March 13, 2013Cafés are a big attraction in big cities worldwide and Tel Aviv is no different with coffee houses around every corner. Israeli company CupsTelAviv lets its subscribers drink as many cups as they want – while still being able to turn a profit.

Discovering The Missing “LINC” To Deafness

March 05, 2013While researching two families of Iraqi Jews with a long family history of hearing loss, Prof Karen Avraham of Tel Aviv University discovered a significant mutation in cells of the inner ear, which could lead to new treatments for hearing disorders.

No More Pill? New Contraceptive Suppository Disables Sperm

February 09, 2013After reigning as the king of female contraceptive for half a century, the proverbial pill may soon get strong competition from Israeli company Hervana. The company is developing a vaginal suppository with genetically-modified bacteria that disable sperm.

Israeli Home Design App Houzz Gets $35M Cash Injection

January 30, 2013Houzz, the must-have website for anyone looking to re-decorate, has today announced they raised $35 million, bringing their total investments to $48.6 million. Houzz is a niche social network that focuses specifically on design. But even for those not currently re-decorating, flipping through the photos can be inspiring.

NeuroQuest: Detecting Alzheimer’s Before Symptoms Appear

January 28, 2013Neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s and ALS, are almost impossible to predict before symptoms appear. Israeli company NeuroQuest may be able to predict these diseases with its much-anticipated technology based on biomarker measurement.

AllSeated: Online Wedding Planning Made Easy

January 09, 2013Ask any married couple, planning a wedding is a mess. Coordinating between all the different providers, especially, is hard work. Israeli company AllSeated has developed a tool for relieving the stress that accompanies the happiest day of our lives.

Haifa University Wants To Make Roofs Greener – Literally

January 04, 2013Although green roofs, in which vegetation beds are planted on roofs, have been an ecological trend for eco-friendly architects for quite some time, a new research center, established at the University of Haifa is trying to develop green roofs that do not need artificial irrigation. From Couch Surfing To Food Surfing

January 01, 2013With the increasing popularity of social solutions for tourists, such as couch-surfing, it was only a matter of time until a similar model was invented for food. Israeli startup will help you enjoy a good home-cooked meal away from home.

BEEMTech Energy: ‘Making Dumb Buildings Smart’

December 25, 2012Commercial buildings around the world are looking to reduce energy costs, but overhauling electricity systems can be expensive. That is why Israeli startup BEEMTech came up with a way to save energy without changing the existing infrastructure.

24me: Personal Assistant App Helps You Get Things Done

December 18, 2012Did you ever wish for a personal assistant? Someone who would make your life’s seemingly endless to-do’s more manageable? 24me is an application that helps organize and manage your many chores, including paying bills from within the app and assigning tasks to other people.

Sync.ME: Know Everything About Anyone Who Phones You

December 15, 2012Despite advances made on smartphone’s contact lists, with so many social networks, people have many more than just one contact list. Israeli startup Sync.ME offers users a phonebook that not only synchs up with social networks, but also displays callers’ information.

Israeli Researcher’s Discovery May Pave Way For Malaria Vaccine

December 11, 2012Malaria is a deadly disease which kills over a million people worldwide every year. The high death toll is due to the fact that some strains are able to hide their activity from the human immune system. A new discovery at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, however, may be key in defeating this elusive killer.

Vidoco: Turn Your Life Into A Documentary

December 06, 2012Although there are numerous ways to document and share your life story on the internet using video, Israeli company Vidoco just might be the first to allow you to automatically edit these videos into a documentary-style sequence to share with the world.

Can’t Quit? Smoking Less Will Also Improve Your Health

December 02, 2012Many smokers find it hard or even impossible to quit. While the health risks of smoking are well-known, a new study from Tel Aviv University shows that people who reduce the number of cigarette they smoke, rather than quit altogether, can also improve their health.

Weboolu: Be A Gamer Anywhere, On Any Screen

November 27, 2012The smartphone revolution has forever changed the way we think of games. What was once the realm of gamers, spending hundreds of dollars on consoles, is now accessible to anyone with a smartphone. Now, Israeli company Weebolu is trying to take the revolution further.

BGU Researchers To Put Brains In Rescue Robots

November 19, 2012Israeli researchers from Ben Gurion University are the only non-Americans to take part in DARPA’s project of designing next-generation rescue robots. The Israeli team will be in charge of designing the software for the humanoid robot.

HU Scientists Teach The Blind To ‘See’ Using Sound

November 12, 2012Though a cure for blindness has not yet been found, researchers at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem have discovered that by using special sensory equipment, called SSDs, the blind could actually “see” their surroundings using a camera that converts a visual feed to an audio one.

Mossad: Use Your Smartphone To Become A Spy

November 08, 2012With its new game, simply titled “Mossad”, Israeli gaming company Geonuts wants people to live out their cloak and dagger fantasies using a common, yet sophisticated gadget – the smartphone. The game uses augmented reality and location-based tracking to enable players to act as spies.

Beamr: Sharing High-Res Photos Easily Without Losing Quality

November 06, 2012Did you know that when you share a photo on Facebook from your smartphone the image quality is reduced by up to 90 percent? Israeli company ICVT has developed a new app for Apple devices, called Beamr, which enables users to share their high-quality photos without reducing image quality.

Seaweed Is A ‘Treasure’ Waiting To Reveal Its Healing Secrets

November 04, 2012Seaweed is prolific in Israel’s Mediterranean Sea. It makes sense, then, that Middle Eastern ancients used it to help alleviate a host of ailments from peptic ulcers to fungal infections and wounds. The Hadassah Medical Organization in Jerusalem is looking into how seaweed can be utilized for its nutritional and medicinal properties.

Fiverr Named Top Israeli Startup For 2012

October 29, 2012Offer any service you’d like, as long as you don’t charge more than $5. That’s the simple and brilliant concept behind Fiverr – the Israeli startup that was named most promising by financial magazine Globes. Three years into business, the website offers no less than one million services.

The Israeli Farmer Who Changed World Agriculture

October 27, 2012When Dr. Daniel Hillel was a child, he fell in love with the soil of Israel. Throughout his life, he’s been creating methods of irrigation that bring sustainable life to otherwise barren lands. Now, almost half a century after he invented micro-irrigation and changed Middle-Eastern agriculture – the rest of the world is starting to catch on.

KIDO’Z’s Children-Friendly Browser Makes The Jump To Mobile

October 12, 2012Israeli startup KIDO’Z, which gained popularity with its kid-friendly web browser, that blocks inappropriate content and offers kid-friendly content, has made the jump to mobile. The browser is now available for android users, who want to feel more comfortable handing their phone or tablet to their kids.

Israeli Company Will Harness Wave-Energy To Power India

October 05, 2012New-wave energy: Israeli company SDE has signed an agreement to build a series of power plants along the coastline of India. The company uses technology that harnesses energy produced by ocean waves and converts it into electricity. The company was called upon in light (or in darkness) of the massive power failure that occurred last July in the Asian subcontinent.

Hoozin: Taking Group Messaging To the Next Level

October 02, 2012Despite the abundance in messaging apps for smartphones, Israeli company Hoozin suggests that none of them offers an experience of group-conversation that is similar to the real thing. The company, who has recently raised $750k, claims that their app gives an experience that’s much closer to the way groups of people interact in real life.

Samsung’s Only R&D Centers Outside S. Korea – In Israel

September 19, 2012Korean telecommunication and electronics giant Samsung has publically stated that the company’s only research centers outside South Korea are in Israel. The centers are located in Ramat Gan and Hertzlia, and are involved in developing technology used in Samsung’s flagship cellphone – Galaxy S3

Surprise! Eating Fatty Foods May Actually Lead To Weight Loss

September 13, 2012Researchers at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem have discovered that foods high in fat, when consumed in a scheduled manner, actually lead to weight loss. Moreover, the diet examined led to a unique metabolism that caused the body to convert fat into energy – rather than store it.

Octopus Camouflage Hints To Higher Intellect Than Expected

September 11, 2012Researchers at Ben Gurion University have discovered that the the camouflage ability of some octopi may indicate that they are a much cleverer species than previously believed. The recent research has raised some interesting questions, such as: how can an octopus perfectly match its surroundings – even though it is color blind?

Mobee: The Easy Cellphone Made For Kids

September 09, 2012Israeli company Mobee has developed a cellphone designed specifically for kids. The phone is small, durable, affordable and is a near perfect product for both parents and children. Mobee offers only four stored contacts, which are accessible via four icons on the phone’s unique keypad.

Study Finds You Can Learn During Sleep

September 04, 2012Is sleep learning possible? A new Weizmann Institute study published in Nature Neuroscience has found that people can learn new information while they sleep, and this can unconsciously modify their behavior when their awake.

Israeli Innovation Hopes To Make Water Drinkable In Africa

August 29, 2012Researchers from Ben Gurion University have found a way to utilize solar energy at a fraction of the cost which can be custom-engineered for desalination process. The new innovation uses solar energy panels to power the pumps of a desalination unit that generates clean water for crops.

Fueling The Future With Algae?

August 12, 2012A new company from Tel Aviv called Univerve is working to turn algae, a natural substance, into third-generation renewable fuel. The company decided to focus on algae because they do not compete for food resources, land or potable water as do first- and second-generation biofuels such as sugarcane, corn or wood.

Israeli Company Is Developing Insulin Pills For Diabetics

July 23, 2012Oramed Pharmaceuticals is in the process of developing insulin pills for the treatment of diabetes. The company is enetring a phase 2 clinical trial in the U.S and hoping to deliver the pills to the market by 2016.

Is 50 The Best Age To Become A Boss?

July 21, 2012Good news for older workers looking for a job: New research conducted in Israel has determined that managers demonstrate their highest levels of professional vitality in their 50s. The researchers specifically examined the functionality of high-tech, engineering and infrastructure executives.

Naked Mole Rat May Hold Secret To Long Life

July 09, 2012It may not be much to look at, but the naked mole rat is impressive in its long and active lifespan. Researchers believe that this small mammal’s high levels of brain-protecting protein are the secret to its survival.

Simple Test Identifies Individual’s Ancestral Origins

July 07, 2012With only a sample of saliva, a new software can better pinpoint the geographic origins of an individual’s genes.The new software can predict people’s origins within 100 km of the correct location and takes the curvature of the Earth into account to make it more accurate than older software.

New Device Destroys Breast Tumors With Extreme Cold

July 01, 2012Minimally invasive device IceSense3 uses extremely cold temperatures to destroy fibroadenomas, common benign breast tumors. The Israeli invention now holds promise as a potential treatment for malignant breast tumors, after a successful clinical trial in Japan.

Israeli Site Helps Americans Find Jobs

June 17, 2012JobsMiner is as a job aggregator that uses Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google Plus to find hidden jobs which job seekers may not be aware of. It is focusing on the US market and will soon turn to Spanish and Israeli job-hunters as well.

Folloyu Introduces Continuous Browsing Across Devices

June 09, 2012The Israeli startup Folloyu allows web visitors to switch devices while browsing, without losing any information or progress. Based on QR code scanning, they can start an online order on a PC and continue from that exact spot on their smartphone. The company hopes to contribute to e-commerce and decrease shopping-cart abandonment.

Will Tiny Screening Capsule Replace Colonoscopy?

June 06, 2012An Israeli company has come up with a tiny capsule you can swallow that detects polyps painlessly as it travels through the colon. The capsule’s tiny X-ray radar device creates a 3D image of the colon with minimal exposure to radiation.

Study: Smartphone Users More Oblivious To Others

May 15, 2012Reseachers from Tel Aviv University found that smartphones users have a different sense of privacy and appropriateness of public cellphone usage. The study shows that people who are predisposed to immediately react to phone calls and messages are more attracted to smartphones.

Study: Geological Clock Ticks Faster Than We Thought

May 05, 2012According to a new study from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Earth took shape more rapidly than once believed. The new findings do not alter the age of the universe but indicate that the Earth’s mantel and crust and rocks formed in a shorter period than originally thought.

Become A Safe ‘Super Driver’ With iOnRoad App

May 02, 2012An Israeli tech veteran came up with a “treatment” for what in 2010 was the 10th-leading cause of death in the United States – road accident fatalities. Drivers who use his iOnRoad app become “super drivers” who are much more likely to get home alive, the CEO says.

Israel’s Museums Are Harnessing Social Media To Share Their Wares

April 29, 2012Thanks to new technology, the simple click of a mouse can bring mounds of information, artifacts or artwork on display in museum galleries across the globe straight to your computer’s desktop and, as classic museology redefines itself in the digital age, such “virtual visits” are becoming more interactive than ever.

Website Uses Power Of Groups To Reduce Bills

April 24, 2012Who doesn’t fear that time of the month when bills start dropping into the mailbox? A new social network founded in Israel follows King Solomon’s phrase “Better two than one” and uses the power of groups to negotiate lower prices for everyday services.

Air Pollution Raises Risk Of Repeat Heart Attack By 43 Percent

April 20, 2012Israelis who have suffered a heart attack are far more at risk of a repeat attack if they live in an area with high levels of air pollution, new research has found. The study found that cardiac patients living in polluted areas were 43 percent more likely to have another heart attack than those who lived in areas with cleaner air.

Study Discovers Important Cause For Cancer Growth

April 12, 2012A new research conducted in Israel might lead to the development of new methods for controlling the growth of cancer. Scientists are hopeful it could lead to treatments that will transform cancer from a lethal disease to a chronic, manageable one.

New Kit Instantly Monitors Air Pollution At Crisis Scenes

April 07, 2012AirBase Systems, an Israel-based environmental technology startup, deployed a new mobile, wireless air quality measurement kit that can transmit data to an Internet collection base. The kit is designed primarily for city use but can potentially be suitable for purchase by environmental NGOs or even individuals.

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