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Israel is Wasted Its seed is no more!

Israel is Wasted Its seed is no more!

The History of the Hebrew ancestors of the Jews is murky. Its so murky that its even the Jew haters an opening to declare the pre 9th century BCE null and void, Any excuse to deny the Jews their place in history brings the shiver of excitement to the Jew haters, whether they be western Nazis or Islamists. It began with the book, the Bible Unearthed by Israel Finkelstein and Neil Asher Silberman. In summing up decades of Israel archaeology, they could not find much evidence of the Exodus, Joshua, Kings David and Solomon. Anti-Semites cried with great glee the Bible is bogus. Although many of these very same anti-semites are scripture quoting automatons.

Silberman and Finklestein could discover no evidence of any journey of the Hebrews from Egypt. The time scale for Joshua’s conquest of Cana’an could not be found. Either the burned cities were too early in the Bronze Age or much later in the Israelite kingdom.

They theorized with much supporting evidence than Hebrews were revolutionaries that overthrew the Cana’anite upper classes. They fled to Judea and Samaria to live simple yet free lives with a personal relation to God. One God.The first evidence of advanced civilization appear in Samaria as the Kingdom of Israel. By the In short time it grew powerful with megalithic buildings and palaces. The evidence supports this and supports that once destroyed by the Assyrian Empire the small virtually non-existent Kingdom of Judah replaced it. Just before or just after this destruction work was done on writing the most important piece of literature in Western civilization-The Old Testement of the Bible. Considering that much of the Bible is verified after the 8th century; its very likely that the older material is based on some facts. The cosmopolitan nature of King Josiahs Kingdom contrasts to the village existence 100 years previously.

Silberman and Finketein theorize the David was more a Robin Hood figure than a great king. Ditto with Solomon.

There is no evidence for Kingdoms just confederations of tribes.

But military historians point to the undeniable war strategies placed in real locales in Israel having to do with the war campaigns of Joshua, the Judges Gideon, Deborah, Samson, David and his son. Strategies from the Bible were followed in World war Two resulting is allied victories. So there was a realness here
To silence the OT deniers there is tiny bits of evidence. Theres the Ipuwer Papyrus which indicates a great upheaval in Egyptian society about the same time as The mega-volcano at Thera exploded. Excavations on Crete have shown that the megavolcano nearly destroyed the Minoan seafaring civilization by tsumami! So its easy to see tsumamis wreaking havoc and deluging the Nile Delta. The 10 plagues recited every Passover can be explained by the effects of such a catastrophe, Canadian Jewish film-maker, Simcha Jacobovici, has made it one of his largest projects to prove the Exodus. He take on it includes another exodus of Hebrews to Mycenae. Where he feels the Ark of the Covenant ended up. Supporting this is a letter written decades after Alexander the Great conquered the Middle East. Its from King Arius of Sparta to the High Priest Onias of Judea indicating a common ancestry. from the Avatar film-maker James Cameron has worked on this with Jacobovici. Explaining the Pillars of Fire/Light other have theorized that Mr Sinai was a volcano in whats now Saudi Arabia. Possible land bridges crossing the Red Sea have been found at the Eilat side of the Gulf of Aqaba and across the straits of Tiran as well.Josephus points to the origin of the Jews with the Semitic invasions of the Hyksos that lasted 300 years and may have ended in a great exodus. And Egyptian historian Manetho mentions two Exoduses One involving the Hyksos. The other one has been linked to a possible exile of monotheist Pharoah Akhenaten after an overthrow. This might explain the Hebraic one god Concept as developed from Akhenaten ong god aton Concept. This was all very circumstantial.
WHo was Moses? Was he the brother of Ahmose? Was he Akhenaten? Or was he the brother of Ahmose mentioned in the Ipuwer Papyrus? Or possibly an exiled Hyksos monarch. We dont know at this point. To say the Exodus was fiction is a little premature considering the leads. The Exodus is certianly not proven but neither has it been disproven like Joshua’s conquests. When Greeks visited Judea after Alexander took the area from Darius they remarked the how obsessed the Judeans were with this ancient figure Moshe. Considering the the names of Egyptian Pharoahs, Ahmose, Tutmose, (Tothmoses), Rameses (Ramoses). Kmose (Kamoses) all around the era of a possible Hebrew or Hyksos emigration, was it a cooincidence about Moses? And notice the bank place before the name Moses.
A space possibly indicating belief in an invisible God. Its similar to depictions of the Ark of Covenant, where the two angels or sphinxes towards an empty space representing that invisible deity.

OT deniers suffered at setback when a stelae was found in Tel Dan in Northern Israel. This inscribed stone celebrated the King of Syria or Arams victory of the Houses of Israel and David. Notice it was David and not Judah. So David was such an impressive figure that his name preempted the name of Judah.
Another stelae from the same period celebrates the King of Moab’s victory over the Kingdoms of Omri (Israel) and David (Judah). You might be able to infer that so dominating were the Hebrew kingdoms that stelae comemmorating setbacks were important to ther enemies.So however insignificant Judah was it was a frequent ally or it dominating neighbor. And for some reason despite the clashes they did have Judah was never conquered despites it Rhode Island size to Israel.

The most dramatic evidence of Israel emerging out of the murkiness is the Merneptah stelas. The Pharoah mentions a list of nations he defeated starting with the most powerful Libyans. The Libyans were allies of the mysterious combination of Seafaring nations, the Sea Peoples.

That particular age was marked by the end of the use of bronze which was the whole purpose of the Sea trade with the use of iron. That brought in land empires like Egypt later on. The Sea Peoples included Greek peoples and Semitic peoples. The Egyptians were the only nation to survive these age of anarchy as the Hittite Empire crumbled and the coast of Cana’an was depopulated with survivors moving inland where the Hebrews later emerged.

One Sea People the Egyptians soundly defeated was the Peleshet. They forced the invaders to settle in Gaza and became the Phillistines associated with the Israelites wars and David and Goliath.

The Merneptah document of stone was of a series of wars between two greater wars the Egyptians barely won against the Sea peoples confederation.

Before the Sea People wars nomads called Habiru had tormented the ruler of a pre-Hebrew Jebusite Jerusalem, so that he pleaded for help from the Pharoah. The Pharoah had evidented picked him as a local vassal.This was documented by the Armana letters dated to Akhenaten’s reign.

Was there some connection to Biblical rulers like Priest-King Melchizedek?

The King of (Jeru)Salem who was very personally involved with the patriarch Abraham.Abraham is dated to an earlier Bronze age period coinciding with Hyksos domination of Egypt

Merneptah mentions many large to small victories. The defeated are Cana’an, Ashkelon (the Phillistines), Gezer and Israel. They aren't referred to as a country but as a people. Silberman and Finklestein think that Israel was most likely nomadic or semi-nomadic people as indicated by their settlements resembled a circle of wagons turned into stone houses
The people of Israel’s defeat in 1208-9 bce is described as “Israel is laid waste, its seed is no more”. There is even a heiroglyph of Merneptah metaphorically whipping his enemy. It practically sounds genocidal but it was common for the Pharoah to exaggerate because it enhanced his standing back in Memphis.   Much like the Palestinians and Arabs do today.What I find particularly striking is that Israels first mention, despite being a conglomeration of nomads, is the declaration of their destruction. This theme of utter destruction was repeated by Haddad of Arab (Syria) Mesha of Moab, The Assyrians, the Babylonians, the Seleucid Syrian Greeks, the Romans (twice), Crusaders, Kingdom of Spain, the Cossacks, The Russian Empire, Nazi Germany and manmy Jew haters on the internet today. Thats 3000 years of unfulfilled promises of extermination.

No people or country can match that resistance to obliteration.


The USS Liberty

When it comes to all types of Jew haters, big rallying call is to REMEMBER THE USS Liberty.
The USS Liberty was a monitoring vessel anchored off the Sinai coast during the Six Day War in which Israel
attacked Syrian, Jordanian, and Egyptian troops massing for an attack on the Jewish state. This preemption
shocked Arab forces bent on a second try at genocide of the Jews in Palestine.
The American ship in the course of the war was accidently attacked by Israel warplanes. 34 American sailors died and 174 were wounded. Anti-semites have accused Israel of doing this on purpose thousands of times. Yet they have never given a decent reason why Israel  might do this.
Of course the main reason theory give is that Jews hate everybody.
A very poor and incredible story. Many sailors have called for more investigations but the American military has  said the first investigation was thorough enough.
It key fact dismissing wild stories of purposeful Israeli involvement is what I use here.

Who Created the Jewish State? Why it was the Arabs of Course

Who Created the Jewish State? Why it was the Arabs of Course. Invented myths are abundant on the internet and reused by Israel haters, Jew haters, Arabs, Palestinians,and pro-Palestinians about some Jewish invasion that displaced peaceful prosperous Palestinians.
Purportedly this was done massacre, expulsion, and threats of such resulting in the vague term ethnic cleansing brought into popular verbage by the Bosnian genocide in the nineties. Huge lists of Arab towns that are now Jewish towns are offered as evidence.
These are purposeful creations by the Palestinians in an effort to achieve victimhood. A victimhood that give them worldwide sympathy just like the Holocaust gave their enemies, the Jews, sympathy. Today they have added a modern fictional genocide as well in this pursuit. Its such a well done media creation it eclipses real genocides in Chechniya, Darfur, and Myanmar.
If you examine the long lists of towns the fiction becomes apparent such as the extinct town of Al Quds. Thats really Jerusalem which had been Jewish for decades before the mythical invasion.
What really happened?
By 1948 there was a 3 sided war in Palestine. There was the occupation force of the British. There was the Arab militias led by Grand Mufti al-Husseini. And there was the various JEwish militias, the Palmach, Hagganah. Irgun, etc. The Grand Mufti had been fighting by them 28 years to expel, subdue or destroy the Jews who simply began buying scrap land and settling down in 1878. Arab Muslims in Palestine had begun to realize much like modern Arabs in North Africa and Asia, European Muslims and other Asian Muslims that Islam is a fragile religion and culture that would crumble before the temptation of Western Culture. This fragility had to be counteracted by segregation and fundamentalism. It continues today.
The Grand Mufti had been unsuccessful in his massacres, riots and attacks, He had alienated the upper class Arabs and moderates by attacking them as well. When Jews began to arrive in great numbers due to the persecution in Europe, he stepped up the war. The British capitulated and immigration virtually ceased.
The previous November the United Nations in an effort to stabilize the area tried to segregate the Jews from the Arabs by creating Arab and Jewish states in Resolution. The Arab Palestinians rejected the proposal but it still passed. The Grand Mufti thought that once the British left the Jews were vulnerable with all there kibbutz and urban militias. He appealed to the Arab League to destroy the Jewish state once it was declared. The Arab League organized 5 Arab Armies from Iraq (which is not near Israel), Syria, Jordan, Egypt and Lebanon. These armies invaded Palestine. Their mission was to “drive the Jews into the sea” which was lingo for genocide. A second genocide to the very same people in 10 years. They warned the Arab Palestinian that lest they become collateral damage by being in the crossfire; they should leave temporarily. Many did. They left for the hills of Judea and Samaria now called the West Bank. They were bolstered by reports on Arab radio that Deir Yassin was the beginning of terrible massacres. Deir Yassin was exaggerated from its position of history as a battle into a massacre by mainstream Jewish forces opposed to the radical groups Irgun and Lehi as well as Arab Radio. It was an effort to discredit radical forces and centralize Jewish forces. There were some expulssions like in Lydda now called Lod due to murders of Jews. But the evacuation was mostly an Arab operation. Today the Fatah and PA leader Abbas admits his family fled Galilee with his fearing retribution for local massacres in 1929 incited by the Grand Mufti. There were Arabs who remained. They are known as Israeli Arabs and live in Israel unlike the Palestinians who do not.
The strange thing was that the 5 Arab Armies were halted and defeated by the Jewish militias. By 1949 the Arabs sued for an armastice which the UN mediated. The front became the border of what it now Israel. Huge empty expanses where Arabs lived were apparent. The Arab refugees, who were not called Palestinians until the 1960’s, remained in the hills. Most dared not attempt s to return. They knew that they were complicit in an attempted genocide.
The Arabs in an effort to destroy the Jews actually created Israel. They set up country with emptied of a hostile populace. The rejected bi-national proposals of statehood and would only accept Jews as subservient to a Muslim state or no Jews in Palestine at all. Their intractability created the Jewish state. It set up a blue dot in an Arab Muslim sea of green, black, red and white.
There were Arab Jews or Mizrachi Jews in Arab countries from Morocco to Iraq. Most were expelled as punishment for being of the same religion as the Jews who defeated the Arab League. But the joy of a Jewish state brought many who weren't expelled. They filled the gap left by the Arab Palestinians who were so confident of the destruction of Palestinian Jews. For them it was an unanticipated horror of their own making.
Did the Arab Palestinians set up their own state once there was a truce?? No the the areas conquered by the 5 Arab Armies were annexed by Egypt (Gaza) and Jordan (the West Bank)
Today their descendents live in Palestine and around the world. Politically they have created a war of terror once they felt the Arab states was not serious in helping them.
The first phase was by the Palestine Liberation Front (1970-1993) and the second by Hamas and assorted allies (1995-the present).

Similiarities between Nazis and Hamas


Perusing the internet you can practically hear the wailing lament of those labeling Israel as terrorist. This is called turnspeak. You take a negative characteristic of something you advocate or hold dear and copy and paste it
on the to something you want to denigrate. You are so familar with the subject you knoe how to falsely glue these negative attributes on to an innocent party. You see this when white supremacists call Jews, Jewish supremacists. It works so well with Nazis labels pasted on Israel despite the obvious inaccuracies. Varieties of Jew haters from the left and right react with such enthusiasm and glee in this.The list continues; so you see there is a strategy here. Gaza suddenly becomes a concentration camp when it has no similarities in suffering or size or environment with Auschwitz, Dachau or others. Arab riots against Jews are transformed into a Invasion of Jews in the post Holocaust years.A recurrent tactic is to minimize the Holocaust of 6 million Jews by proclaiming the very same Jews are enacting a Holocaust against the Palestinian people.  They describe the military opeartion against Hamas deep within crowded urban settings as similar to the executions in the death camps. The ratio of survivors to the entire population in both concentration camps and Gaza is so different as laughable. Few survived the death camps almost all  survived Gaza. Even Colonel Kemp, a British officer, remarked considering the total population to the casualties inflicted by the operation the Gaza  Operation was the most humane in military history!!! To this add the Hamas strategy of using the Gaza population in a variety of Human Shields. I often point out that the Palestinian Holocaust is the only one where the victims tripled in population. That ridiculous their tactic and takes the air of of their balloon until they can parrot it later in their typical robotic fashion.  If you know history you ether laugh or cry.
But here I deal with those who call Israel a terroristic state.You ask what is terror. Terror is uncertainty. Never knowing whether the man next to you is a suicide bomber is terror. Palestinians generally know once they commit an act they expect a reaction fron Israel, this has been going on since the 1920s. But Hamas first in its suicide bombing phase 1995-2006 and later the missile stage (2000-9) attacks unannounced and unprovoked. Of course they always use anything as an excuse from insult to hoax for launching an attack. My cartoons here compare this strategy to where Arabs spiritually inherited this from; Nazi Germany. The Nazis were aided by Arabs such as the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem. And the later his or even employed Nazi War Criminals. They adopted many philosophies from the Nazis that can be seen in heil salutes by Hamas and Hezbullah.
So the conclusion in a rationally, is that Israeli operations  are not random therefire not teroristic while Hamas whether by suicide bomber or by random Qassam rocket is the defintion of terror.

The Empire of Greater Israel

333-Find Israeli Empire (1)
333-Find Israeli Empire333-Find Israeli Empire (2)
Jew Haters, Israel haters  but not Anti-Zionists (few if any)  always distort the size of the Jewish state by semantics. They use elaborate language meant to inflame the ignorant, confused and other newbies about Israel expansion. But these people are very good with propaganda and use socialist/leftist terminology, or ancient christian anti-semtic terminology, depending on whether they left wing or right-wing, to misrepresent the reality of Israel in the middle-east.. Islamist Arabs and other anti-Israeli Muslims use both approaches.
Another word that's incorrect and meant to outrage is “aparthied”.
I encounter the hardcore types on forums. They are hardcore on the left and right. But the lines get blurred as rightist pretend to be left and vice versa. But many have no ideology except hatred of Jews.
They repeat  incessantly that Israel is expanding and confiscating Arab lands all over the Middle East. A good example is the absurd Greater Israel post that Israel has it’s goal on an Empire from the Euphrates to the Nile, since King David had such a realm. I’ve already written about this.
Those a little more practical  go on to point out examples like Israel conquering Lebanon since they “occupy” Sheba’a Farm disputed boundary issue on the Golan Heights. Since Lebanon and Syria never resolved  the problem BEFORE 1967 its now ballooned into a major international outrage of occupied Lebanon.
They also mention the Israel-PLO War invasion of Lebanon in 1982. But they NEVER mention that the PLO controlled their own section of Lebanon from 1976 to 1983 and launched Katyushya rockets AT Northern Israel in 1978 and AGAIN in 1982. The 1982 incident led Israel's to attempt to destroy the PLO by surrounding Beirut.  To prevent future attacks Israel set up a Christian state in southern Lebanon. This too is pointed at as expansion despite no settlements ever existing. So they ignore the point of Israeli withdrawal in 2000 which sparked the 2nd intifada as Arabs salivated at perceived Israeli weakness.
The 2006 Hezbullah War is mentioned as a land grab attempt when its quite clearly a self defense measure to stop missiles raining on Northern Israel for a month. They also point to the territories in the West Bank and Gaza which were never annexed. In fact they are silent when you mention the  Expulsion of  Jewish settlers from Gaza.
But whats pointed out with great glee is the territories conquered in the 6 Day War. Thats expansion they cry with pretend wounded cries. Sinai was occupied but after Anwar Sadat went to Jerusalem and later signed a peace treaty, that resulted in his assacination, Israel withdrew section by section from the Sinai including dismantling settlements like Yamit.
Yes Israel DID annex the Golan and East Jerusalem. Those areas when occupied by Arabs were exploited and used as launchpads for weapons fire INTO Israel. The West Bank  or Samaria/Judea   remained settler free for most of the first 10 years. And since Jordan refused to negotiate LAND FOR PEACE it remain in Israel hands. King Hussein sat on his hands capitulating to the Arab League and their proxies the PLO. Eventually all rights to that part of Jordan was given to the PLO.
Jewish settler consider these lands part of Jewish history and they create settlements between Arab towns most of the time on fallow Arab land. This I must concede is the only expansion I can see.
But if you look at Israel in comparison with its hostile neighbors on a map you are astonished
You can barely see Israel and the proto-state of Palestine. Only Lebanon is smaller. Egypt, Jordan (which initially WAS part of Palestine), Syria, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Libya, Sudan, and Algeria loom like Soviet Russia over Poland! They are humongous mega expanses. Israel haters MAKE sure never to bring maps into the debate! The Arabs are greedy in not being able to recognize a tiny sliver of a non-Muslim state in their midst.
They consider this a loss for Arab Muslim heritage. These lands once conquered should alway remain Muslim,. Its their UMMA lands forever! This applies to other losses like Spain. and the Balkans too but in a much lesser way. Those loses aren't as fresh and raw like Israel! They view the area from Morocco to Persia (Iran) as a great Arab carpet mosaic with reds, greens, blacks and white suddenly infected by alien blue Israel. So in reality 19 mile wide Israel is very small but its exaggerated  to a huge size by the outraged psychology of the Arab mind.

The Absurd Accusation of Greater Israel



Bigots often bring up the accusation that 13 mile wide Israel is expanding and threatening to gobble up the Fertile Crescent or the Middle East. They don't mention Israeli withdrawals from the Sinai. Lebanon and Gaza. That would ruin the basis of their lies.
Not that Israel has not expanded since the 6 Day /Yom Kippur Wars ceasefire lines. They have annexed the Golan  and East Jerusalem. But an Israeli Empire that still remains a quick drive across; its not.
They adopt Hitler’s strategy of the big lie and repeatedly post the same accusation. Posting   perpetually in forums and yahoo groups mainly; their aim is to confuse and enrage the ignorant.
Of course like most Jew hater accusations they are easily dismissed and superficial.
They base this idea on the fact that fundamentalist Jews and therefore , in their eyes all Jews, want to recreate the David and Solomon Empire that stretched from the Euphrates to the River of Egypt. What shows the bigots up as ignorant themselves is that they often state the River of Egypt is the Nile, when biblically it was a wadi near El Arish.
So here I posted 3 graphics that began their existences as graphics created by Jew haters.
I have added text.

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