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Map of the Holy Land from King David and Solomon's Empire

How did this whole thing started? Enemies of Abraham, Moses, Jesus & Islam
Who really destroyed the Caliphate of Islam? What I am about to say will piss a lot of people off and it is my duty as a human being and a true believer to reveal the truth to the people. Sharif Hossein of the Ottoman Empire and the ruler of the Mecca, Saudi Arabia violated the Islamic Law and betrayed 1400 years of Ummah and betrayed the way of life of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (Sallal Lahu Alaihi Wassalam) and to betray that you have betrayed the Holy Quran. “Oh you who believe do not take the Jews and Christians for your guidance; they are protectors of each other. He who does no longer belongs to the Ummah”.
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Map of the Holy Land from King David and Solomon's Empire
This statement does not mean every Christian and every Jew. It is referred to the Jews and Christians who gone astray from what was revealed to them by the Prophet Abraham and Moses and Jesus Christ (peace and blessings of ALLAH (swt) be upon them).
What Sharif Hossein did was that he accepted an offer from the European Jews and therefore he betrayed the Ummah, he betrayed our beloved Prophet Muhammad (May peace and blessings of ALLAH (swt) be upon him) and he betrayed the Holy Quran by taking the Jews and Christians for his guidance.
Again this statement does not state every Jew or every Christian. It is only referring to the Jews and Christians who have gone astray from the true path of believing.
Similarly Abdul Aziz Ibn Saud the ruler of Saudi Arabia betrayed the Ummah, betrayed our beloved Prophet Muhammad (may peace and blessings of ALLAH (swt) be upon him) and betrayed the Holy Quran by taking the Jews and Christians for his guidance.
Israel’s major plans worked and defeated the Ottoman by 1919 and the “Holy Land” was liberated for the FIRST time in history since the birth of Jesus Christ. The structure of Islam was defeated and the Caliphate was destroyed.
Abdul Aziz Ibn Saud makes a proclamation and states that this land “Saudi Arabia” belongs to the entire Ummah “(Ask any Muslim if that is true, if any Muslim can be a citizen of Saudi Arabia?)” even though he declared that this land now belongs to the entire Ummah then why do all Muslims require VISA to visit Saudi Arabia?

Islam and Other Religions
I challenge anyone to the old testament of either of the religions of the world to come forward and prove me wrong and I guarantee that 99.9999 % of every religion will comply with the Quran. Why go stray when all the books speaks of the same? Why all the hate when we all belong to one GOD? It is only for the merely few who consider it for their personal or political gains and such people are all wrong doers.
It is such people that will cause Sept 11 no matter what and they will cause it many more times. They will invade nations and destroy lives no matter what the consequences. If we the regular public who have eyes and witness what they do and we the public who have ears and hear what they say and we the public who have hearts and understand the atrocities they are causing are being used then we need to wake up and start the struggle for a better life in the hereafter.
"Oh Mankind! We have created you into tribes and nations so you can come to know and learn about each other"
Are we really doing that? Are we really trying to actually learn about each other? Only 1% of the world population is actually really trying hard to learn and know about each other and that 1% who try it, is only a drop in the ocean. I am a true citizen of Canada and I am ready to defend my country and its liberty; prosperity and the freedom to live in from its government. You will not cheat. You will not commit crimes. You will not mislead the public because your government does not like competition. I think it is time that we all do that but for a good cause not to mislead but to lead to a better tomorrow.
Every culture, every religion and every nation has a few black sheep in the community who are running around and disturbing the peace and stability of others and if we study and analyze the tribes of the Holy Land, it we can come to a perfect understand that one of the last tribes of Jerusalem is indeed in Khorasaan especially (Afghanistan South West Region).
The purpose of this struggle is to reunite the Holy Land with its tribes and to liberate the Holy Land from the oppression of the heathens and misleaders. A time will come when the falsehood could be differentiated with truth meaning that the falsehood would recognized as truth all over the world and when the actual truth is presented people will repent and regard it as wicked.
If such practices does not take mankind from the path of GOD then what really does? We humans replace truth with falsehood, we humans replace the path of righteousness with heathenism and we continue to do so not only on earth but we are expanding to outer universe and contaminating other planets.
We humans are indeed transgressors. May GOD forgive us for all our sins.

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