Friday, July 24, 2015

Israel must stay united and determined to preserve and maintain an unparalleled security at all cost r4 - YJ Draiman

Israel must stay united and determined to preserve and maintain an unparalleled security at all cost r4
In order to develop and maintain a robust economy that is able to withstand violence and political pressure, it is imperative that Israelis be united and stay united.  Only an exceedingly strong, unified government will drive the country's security and safety up, and at the same time, drive the price of basic staples down.  One of the most important steps toward a robust economy is for Israel to develop its' energy resources and to become energy independent.
Israel must be a country that will be able to stand up to anti-Israel propaganda, to rising worldwide anti-Semitism, to the political pressure and the constant de-legitimization and demonization of the nation state of the Jewish people. Remember, a unified and strong Israel means a strong and undeterred entire Jewish nation with the ability to support the country and its citizens, and provide a safe haven for Jews worldwide.
We have a country to sustain and protect from external and internal enemies. We have a country to protect from the barrages of rockets and missiles that can reach every corner of the country. We have to protect our citizens from suicide bombers, terror and violence. We need a country that can stand up, with dignity and pride, to world pressure.  It is imperative to be united especially at time of war, conflict and a growing hostile world. 
But Israel must also be united to sustain and achieve its continued survival, peace and prosperity.
As such, I advocate that the citizens of Israel be smart in their exercise of political power.   Israeli citizens must demand, with resolve, from their elected politicians to deliver on their promises to keep the country strong and safe. Israelis must not let Israel be weakened under the Israel's new "5th column" or the political Left, whether it is the High Court or other entities. Furthermore, Israelis should no longer tolerate the politicians, the media, or even other citizens who delude themselves and refuse to accept reality based upon facts, harsh truth, and past history.
Israelis must fight for the soul of our country. We must fight for our heritage and our Jewish cause, which is for a nationalist, political, and cultural movement which supports the continual development of the Jewish homeland in the ancestral territory defined as the historic Land of Israel. The education system must provide in its curriculum the study of the bible and Jewish history.
All Israeli politicians and leaders must understand, any and all internal conflict which leads to divisiveness weakens Israel. If they really care about Israel as well as its people and want Israel to survive in these difficult times, they must unify in a common cause and work together to enhance Israel's safety and security. They must learn how to overcome their differences, for the sake of Israel and its people. Any elected or appointed leader, politician or official that pursues divisiveness and continues to incite conflict does not belong in a position to govern or represent Israel and its people. The self-serving agendas of the individual or party, which does not promote unity must stop immediately. The future of Israel depends on it.
"Israel - United we stand, divided we fall. Let us not split into factions which have got to destroy that unification upon which our existence hangs".
Here is a viable alternative: re-create the historical two Jewish entities which followed King Solomon.  At that time Greater Israel was one Jewish entity, and Judea and Samaria was the second Jewish entity.  For example, this template would allow the citizens of Israel the choice of living in the entity which strictly adheres to Jewish tradition and culture, or, they can live in the other entity which does not strictly adhere to said tradition.  The end result would be a much needed unity in the common purpose of maintaining the security and prosperity of Israel regardless of differences.  
Without total unity of all Israelis, Israel will be subjected to follow the historical path of many nations which existed before, and now, no longer exist.
YJ Draiman\



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